Ending Child Poverty, One Nose at a Time.

It's Red Nose Day!
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While visiting a local Walgreens this morning, I discovered another domain while awaiting checkout: RedNoseDay.org.

Walgreens Red Nose Day

Based on what little I read about while standing in line, I accurately assumed it to be a charity of some sort selling Red Noses as a way to donate and raise awareness for a specific cause.

More specifically, if you’re not familiar with Red Nose Day, it’s an organization and effort to band together to end child poverty, one nose at a time.

I’m not intimately familiar with Red Nose Day or the non-profit organization Comic Relief Inc., a registered U.S. 501(c)(3) public charity.

But upon reviewing their website, I’ve come to discover this organization has successfully raised over $100 million and changed the lives of over 8 million children in America and around the world in 3 years of service.

So why the red nose? Well, the Red Nose is simple yet powerful, visible and playful. It brings folks together, breaks down barriers, and reminds us all of the power of laughter as medicine for the soul.

To get involve or make a donation, simply visit RedNoseDay.org or your local Walgreens to purchase one or more Red Noses.

Then, don’t forget to tune into NBC for a special night of prime-time programming Celebrating Red Nose Day.

All in all, I was impressed with the domain selection of RedNoseDay.org although the matching .com, RedNoseDay.com, redirects to a HTTPS / SSL page that states the connection for the .com page is not private.

They’ll certainly want to get this fixed to stop the possible traffic leak on their big day! 😳

Thanks and that’s all for now!

GoStrategic Brings Transforum to Austin, Texas

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This time last month, my wife and I had were afforded an extraordinary opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.

The first bird was attending GoStrategic’s Transforum Event — a conference aimed at bridging the gap between spiritual truth and practical implementation.

The second bird was getting to spend time together with my wife and somewhat invest in our marriage together. 😍

And what a weekend we had commencing Thursday night and convening late Saturday evening.

Welcome to Texas Emoji Stickers Have Arrived!

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While meeting a friend for a long overdue lunch at good ole’ Rudy’s BBQ here in Austin, Texas, I stumbled upon an interesting advertisement.

As most of you know, emoji have nearly hit every corner of the earth as one of the hottest forms of communication, especially amongst Gen-Xers, millennials and younger.

In fact, emoji have not only found their way into email marketing for businesses, but are even making a splash as domains. Yes, emoji domains are real!

But as for this particular ad, it appears that “Talkin’ Texan Just Ain’t Gonna Be The Same” with the latest release of Texas Emoji Stickers app (released February 22, 2018).

Out with .com and in with .pizza 🍕

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Out of all places on earth to have found a company using a .pizza domain name as a primary digital presence, imagine how surprised I was to have had this encounter happen in my hometown.

In the mid to late 90’s as the world was coming online, Sherman, Texas had just crossed over 30,000 population mark.

Back then, the Chamber of Commerce, Yellow Pages and Sherman Democrat, now the Herald Democrat, were a business’ advertising staple to reach more customers and generate greater revenue.

There were not many businesses, if any back then, touting a web address of any sort.

I’m certain most businesses owners had no clue of what a web address was nor did they ever imagine the Internet would be what it it today, some 20 years later.

20 years later and having adding another 10,000 folks in population, I often don’t think of Sherman as a city of progressive technological advancement, especially for businesses using new top-level domains.

Kicking Off National Small Business Week

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Known at National Small Business Week since 1963, today kicks off a week of celebrating, recognizing, and patronizing nearly 30 million United States small businesses.

From April 30th until May 4th, a number of services and seminars are offered to help entrepreneurs launch and grow their enterprises.

Per a recent flier displayed via Rudy’s Bulletin Board, I discovered Austin is offering 5 days of free National Small Business Week sessions that include:

Austin Auction House Making Good Use of Geo Domain

Austin Auction Gallery
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Today kicked off another weekend of auctioning for a well-known auction gallery here in Austin.

Although their specialty is antiques and fine art, the Austin Auction Gallery opens for auction today and tomorrow at 10AM for an estates auction.

Little did I realize, I’ve passed this family owned and operated business a number of times to and from going to get a haircut.