Lawn mowing company markets perfect .co domain

It’s not very often that I’ve encountered a .co domain.

I own a handful of .co domain names, but most are for the sole purpose of development and nothing more.

.co was once touted as the new kid on the block that every startup would venture to when the .com was taken for the domain they wanted so desired.

There have been many .co sales to occur over the years based on and

However, .co came and went, and now .io is the new diamond in rough that cool and hip tech companies are clamoring over when registering a short and easy to brand domain when the .com is not available.

Although .co’s day came and went, it didn’t go out without a bang.

Practical Vehicle Wrap Guidelines to Advertise Your Business

Today I want to discuss the appropriate use of domains when considering a vehicle wrap.

Quite often I see a number of vehicles as I travel to and from work, and really throughout the Central Texas area.

One thing I notice quite often is the number of vehicle wraps used by companies to advertise and increase the general awareness of their company.

In my opinion, vehicle wraps are a great way to draw attention and awareness to your company.

Tis’ the season for party cruises, barges, and boats…

As I drove into work the other morning, I was reminded that summer is here.

How? Well, one of the first reasons I knew it was summer was that there were only 5 to 6 cars on my commute.

For the next 3 months, I can say that I’ll have Austin’s traffic beat.

Most of the time, my commute consists of seeing 2-3 school buses, teenage drivers and parents trying to get kids off to daycare and school.

The second reason I knew summer had arrived was that I saw Austin’s Affordable Party Bus,, at the intersection 2769 and Bullock Hollow in route to Volente, which is where I office.

The music was blaring and it looked to be standing room only on the bus. I could make out trunks, bikinis and swimsuits so I know it had to be a high school or college end of school party.

Below is a picture of the bus i snapped on my way home the same day:

Austin's Affordable Party Bus

Nevertheless, I continued towards the office, envying the party bus of youth in their prime just living up the weekday with a lake party.

As I pulled into Volente, passing the Volente Shore Club, the third reason that let me know summer was here was seeing a white banner with blue text.

June Events In Austin Using Great Domains

Before I call it a day and put and end to this work week, I wanted to quickly share a few Austin events for the month of June that are using great domains (in my opinion).

Everyone that lives or visits Austin knows that there are multiple events every weekend, especially since Austin is known as the “Live Music Capital of the World”.

There’s not a weekend that I can think of that Austin runs short on events or things to do.

Going global with multilingual domain names

Just the other day while watching TV, I happened to be channel surfing and an interesting thing occurred.

As I was trying to make myself a birdie and fly far away from the captivity of toddler cartoons, I happened to land on Dr. Charles Stanley’s, senior pastor of First Baptist Church in northern Atlanta, Georgia, InTouch Ministries TV segment.

As I’ve read a few of Dr. Stanley’s books, heard his son Andy speak a time or two, and caught a few of Dr. Stanley’s sermons, I decided to allow channel surfing to cease once I realized it was him.

And before we go any further, No, I’m not going to pepper you with his sermon (although it was good enough to share, as it is always).

But as Dr. Stanley taught and shared the word of God, I was attentively listening when a domain name flashed onto the screen in the lower left-hand corner.

Real Green Pest and Lawn Services Goes .PRO

While watching the news and hoping for a rain-free weather forecast a few nights ago, I spotted a local austin company using a .PRO domain name.

I typically encounter .com, .net and .org domains for just about 90 percent of the commercials aired.

Although I’m not a fan of uppercased domain usage when advertising, as it’s too hard on the eyes to read and make out distinct wording, I was quite amazed to see Real Green make use of the .PRO in their televised commercial.

Real Green Pest and Lawn Services Goes .PRO

How one company captures the local medical transportation market one ride at a time

Today’s post is one of those being the right person, in the right place, and at the right time type of situations.

It all started when our boys experienced frequent back to back illnesses. When you have 2 little boys at age 3 and under, its likely that you’ll always a few sicknesses and illnesses.

In our case, with our boys regularly attending BSF and a mother’s day out program weekly, and then our church, for roughly 6 months, they were sick with croup, strep and ear infections.

It got to a point that we would get one healed, and the other would become ill in hours. We’re not talking weeks, we’re talking months, to the tune of 6 months to be exact.

Nevertheless, our pediatrician referred us to the Great Hills ENT located off Jollyville in Austin, not too far from

After a series of tests, we decided to pray and wait for our oldest to get tubes put in. As for our youngest, our concerns we’re really heightened due to the him being at the stage of early word and pronunciation development.

All this news in a short period of time was somewhat a stressful, to say the least. Trust me, you never want to hear a negative report that includes your child’s hearing and speech development.

An Electrifying National Brand Grows Its Franchises Using Subdomains and Directories

A while back I wrote about using subdomains to boost search rankings and targeted traffic.

I won’t cover all that was mentioned in this post. Sorry, you’ll have to read up.

Nevertheless, my wife and I were taking the boys on what we thought was a quick walk to the mailbox and back home.

Of course, we got to the mailbox and our boys put the puppy dog eyes on us. They wanted to walk a bit further than the half block we had walked to arrive at the neighborhood mailbox station.

And as the good parents we are, we obliged their request and continue around the block. 😀

As we turned the corner at the end of the block to make our way down the next street, I perked up a bit because my eyes focused in on a yellow and red van with blue writing.

Is GoDaddy driving traffic to with it’s new idea?

GoDaddy Flare - Where great ideas gather

In the latest tech and small biz news, I recently saw GoDaddy launched a new mobile app aimed at helping people to vet their ideas for business.

GoDaddy’s calling this new and FREE community for sharing and rating business ideas Flare, and making it available via mobile app ONLY.  

If you’re an Android user, you’ll have to wait for the June release.  iOS is ready for download.

How does Flare work? Think of this app as a cross between Shark Tank, LinkedIn and Tinder.  

Vanity Branding: Matching Domain Names, and Local Phone and Toll-Free Numbers.

I find my daily travels to provide me with much of the content I regularly share and engage with you via this website.

I keep my eyes on alert as I drive or ride around, especially taking long trips like the one that’s coming up this week.

Nevertheless, I see many forms of advertisements and quite a few companies using a wide variety of domain names.

From signs to vehicle wraps to windows to billboards to tv commercials, domains have become a way of life and a vital part of business for a plethora of businesses, especially businesses with a local market focus.

In my most recent trip into the office one morning last week, I encountered a pickup truck with some writing on the back of it.

As usual, I attempt to understand what exactly the pickup truck was advertising based on it’s tailgate.