A Joyous Night Out at Main Street Bethlehem

Well, it’s that time of year. The leaves have long changed colors and fallen to the ground.

Along with mulit-color lights arrives familiar holiday classic compositions.

And as the House of Brown transitions from Thanksgiving to warmly embracing Christmas and all it has to offer, we took a trip one-hour northwest to the city of Burnet, Texas.

Recruiters are Stepping Up their .Careers Game

I’m always amazed by the variety of domains encountered on a daily basis as I live out life in Austin, and various travels throughout the world.

Encountering quite a few domains across a wide range of extensions in the physical world, I’m often more amazed to see companies legitimately using new domain extensions in the virtual world, especially when using email.

It’s been long thought that a majority of new domain extensions would crash and burn, or never see the day of light.

Thanksgiving, Travel, and Domain Encounters – Part I

Many Americans will head out on the highways and byways this Thanksgiving to partake of good ole turkey and dressing, the timeless fruitcake and make a memories (hopefully good ones) with family and friends.

Our family is no exception. It’s hard to believe that a year has passed since we last celebrated Thanksgiving with my side of the family in hustling and bustling metropolis of Sherman, Texas.

My family and I chose to travel bright and early the day before Thanksgiving, hoping to avoid the bumper-to-bumper gridlock that can occur from time to time along highways 35 and 75.

Fortunately our 5-hour trip was smooth sailing and without incident. In fact, I consider the trip a goldmine with the added bonus of all the domain encounters I’ll soon share.

Simply an early morning Splash ’n Dash of domains

A few months ago, our good friend that competed in Austin’s CapTex Triathlon recently competed in the 2017 USAT Aquathlon National Championship, hosted by Pure Austin Fitness at Pure Austin Quarry Lake.

In general, triathlons are a new experience and a whole new world for me to understand.

More so, having a triathlon athlete living with us has opened my and my family’s minds and lives to the importance of healthy living.

It’s not like we didn’t know prior, but actively living life with our “oldest daughter” has brought about a good and positive change in the House of Brown.

Nevertheless, I hadn’t heard of the USAT Aquathlon National Championship, but learned that it’s simply an early morning Splash ’n Dash. 🙂

Breaking Through With .Glass

From auto glass repair companies, windows manufacturers, or creative glass artisans, you certain to enjoy and be encouraged by my latest new gTLD extension encounter.

My most recent encounter happened while in route back to the office from a nice trim and shave at my local barber. I was a block from the office at a red light when a truck pulled up next to me.

At that moment, I was prepping my mind for the number of tasks I was aiming to complete, so I didn’t think or make much of truck until I heard a horn blow.

A domain extension you can take to the .BANK!

As Wynn Stewart once sang, “…Another day, Another dollar…” in the world of business and life, especially when it comes to domain investing.

And speaking of another day, this saying reminds me of an expired domain auction I stumbled upon last week.

As most of you are aware, I provide daily expired domain auction listings for a number of domain-related platforms.

In the course of preparing each list, I remain alert to identify and flag expired domain auctions that I personally participate in to further advance my growing portfolio of domains.

I’m not much a brandable guy, but I own a few. I’m more of a generic keyword(s) or geo service domain type a guy.

But when I saw the domain I’m about to reveal, seeing it contained the keyword “Bank” in it was all I needed to see to close the deal and make the bid.

Bringing Life to Austin Home and Commercial A/V Dreams

I have a rather short 3-minute commute from my home to my office here in Northwest Austin, occasionally encountering a variety of domain names in my short travel time.

Most of the domains encountered are the same ole’ ones due to the number of small business or professional office strips along Pond Springs Rd.

Nevertheless, I was headed home this evening when I stopped to get gas at the corner of Hunters Chase and Pond Springs.

Achieving a .Life of Nutrition Counseling and Worksite Wellness

It’s not often that you think of the words nutrition and wellness in conjunction with Rudy’s BBQ (no offense Rudy’s). 🙂

But as I made my way from the parking lot into Rudy’s for my bi-weekly early Saturday morning meeting, I jumpstarted my brain by perusing Rudy’s local business ad cork boards.

There are a number of business cards, post cards, posters, placards, and more that are posted on four 4 x 6 cork boards adhered to the external walls of Rudy’s just before entering the store.

Because I love domains so much, I take my time viewing each cork and reviewing the number of advertisements posted on each. This also gives my eyes and mind time to adjust, being it’s just after 6 in the morning.

Nevertheless, a particular ad caught my eye due to the email address it used.