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fall festival
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It’s that time of year where the green on trees limit the nutrients in anticipation of Jack Frost and Winter.

Although I dare say winter, Texas rarely experiences prolong periods of Winter, unlike residents of the North and Northeast regions.

Nevertheless, I’ll take our 6-8 weeks of 40 to 50 degree differential weather of 50 to 70 degree days.

I can always tell “Texas Fall and Winter” is approaching or here based on the number of Fall Fests and Pumpkin Patches popping up around the Austin area.

A few weeks ago, our kiddos braved 60-degree weather (🤣) to take part in their school’s annual fall fest.

Of course, they had a great time going from one attraction to the next while I enjoyed snacking on popcorn and encountering a few domains in the wild.

Right at the entrance of the school, one of the first domain sightings was a well positioned yard sign for Town & Country Sports opening its registration.

Of course, most people simply refer to this organization as T&C Sports as does their .org domain: TAndCSports.org.

Town And Country Sports - Yard Sign of tandcsports.org

The next domain spotting was not far from the T&C Sports sign, and was prominently displayed on school bus housing a variety of musical instruments for kids to play: TheMusicBusROCKS.com.

The Music Bus Rocks - TheMusicBusROCKS.com

Not much for loud noises and a lot of racket, surprisingly, my kids only spent a few minutes enamored by The Music Bus ROCKS before following their little noses to the sweet smell of cotton candy from inside the building.

After dosing up a bit on a few bushels of sugary treat, we made our way to face painting. While in route, I spotted CodeNinjas.com — a program designed for kids ages 7-14 to learn to code in a fun safe, and inspiring learning environment, with a game-based curriculum.

Code Ninjas - CodeNinjas.com

I wished to have stopped and learned a bit more about Code Ninjas, but my kiddos were more adamant about having faces painted than learning binary code to create video games.

Nevertheless, Code Ninjas has cleverly branded a strong .com name and brand, in my opinion.

With faces painted and ready to explore the next attraction, our youngest two kiddos snagged swag from AustinER.com, a great geo service domain — accredited freestanding ERs in Central and South Austin bringing concierge-else, quality emergency care to the local community.

Austin Emergency Center - AustinER.com

One of the last domain sightings of the day was on the back of a t-shirt while leaving the cafeteria. The context of this domain, ChurchReplanting.com, appears to be related to church planting.

Church Replanting - ChurchReplanting.com

As we loaded up to make our way to the next Fall Fest in the Crestview area of Austin, I discovered ChurchReplanting.com redirects to Namb.net — North American Mission Board, a domestic missions agency of the Southern Baptist Convention.

And for those wondering who owns Namb.com, I was pleasantly surprised to discover the matching .com redirecting to the .net address (a good and recommended strategy), while the matching .org is owned and operated by the National Association of Mortgage Brokers.

The second and final Fall Fest was held at our friends house. As we parked and walked to their house, we walked by what I thought was one church with two locations on either side of the street, but later discovered was two different churches across the street from one another, one Baptist and the other Methodist.

Out of the two churches, I believe Crestview Baptist Church certainly has the best domain although not a .com: Crestview.net.

Crestview Baptist Church

The matching .com is owned by a venture capital firm and the .org belongs to another Crestview Baptist church based in Clayton, Ohio.  Same or near-same names is quite a common domain experience for most churches, due to the likelihood of common names and name collisions.

Across the street is the Crestview United Methodist Church with a .org domain: CrestviewMethodist.org.

Crestview United Method Church - CrestviewMethodist.org

I did venture to GoDaddy to check the matching .com, CrestviewMethodist.com, and discovered it’s available for purchase with a $12,888 price tag.

In my humble opinion, that’s steep pricing for a church. If I were the owner this domain, which I am not, I would likely change the “12” into a 2 or 3, and call it a day.

And speaking of calling it day, we enjoyed the remainder of the “Fall Fest” day with our friends, their kids, and a few of their neighborhood families.

As I call it a day publishing this post, the our final Fall Fest of 2019 was held at our church. It was a great time of food, fun, games, friends, families, and newcomers.

Well, that’s all for now!

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