An Everything Sports Type of Weekend

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This weekend has me wishing and longing for previous week’s 70 degree weather as our kiddos prepare for a soccer game in 42 degree weather.

Speaking of previous week, I discovered a few domains while cheering on our oldest son’s Town and Country soccer team.

Sitting next to one of our parents on the team, I spotted a .org domain on the back of here shirt.

Upon further inspection, I discovered the domain was

Not caring to strike up a work-related question in lieu of cheering our kiddos on, I decided to wait until I arrived home to explore and research

Once home and in front of a web browser, I discovered that no longer resolves to a website, permanently closed.

A few more searches allowed discovery of Everything Sports’ Facebook page with 387 likes, and a non-used Twitter account. appears to have been a select league of some sort focused on baseball based on Facebook photos.

Hoping to have discovered a fully developed, I can’t stress the importance of retaining ownership of a domain — even if the business itself closes up shop. is a common example of a growing number of expired domains in daily auction, having well built backlink profiles consists of social network links.

Even though a domain or business may not be in use doesn’t mean the domain no longer attains value.

One has to think about the domain and ALL that’s associated with the domain in its entirety — social networks, links, redirects, ads, etc.

So, truly consider the life of your domain when you decide to divest a business or website.

In other news, I spotted two other domains when leaving the soccer game: and

I’m NOT a big fan of using hyphens or dashes with domains, but was glad to discover Lonestar Soccer Club also owns and redirects to

I’d prefer the longer domain in this case since (don’t visit!) is registered and resolving to a “zero-click” page.

In addition, is a GREAT geo service domain, and reminded me of a recent podcast I recorded covering the pros and cons of geo service domains.

I also love how the domain coincides with the messaging of “ABC Loves Kids!”

Last but not least, I almost missed the third domain advertised due to MasFajitas Mexican Restaurant and Austin Soccer Apparel ads covering an old Austin’s Favorite Test Prep ad:

In closing, can you spot the category-defining .com domain on the board?  Do you see it? ? Wow, what a name!

That’s all for now!

Alvin Brown
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