Why more Austin companies are owning their market with geo keyword domains

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It’s been a few posts since I last shared some of my experiences of traveling around Austin, and encountering businesses that understand the importance of owning and operating a geo keyword digital presence.

With many small businesses being focused on a given location and market, often times not many business owners are able to wrap their minds around the importance of a domain name and its direct correlation to their business’ bottom line.

For the many that don’t seem to get it, there are a handful that do get the importance of a digital presence for their business.

And today, I want to share I few businesses that I encountered in recent weeks that, by my book, get it! 🙂

Not only is Austin known as the “Live Musical Capital of the World”, but also the RV Expo

Austin hosted the 2016 Austin RV Expo at the Austin Convention Center February 18th-21th.

Personally, I had never heard of Austin RV Expo before. I caught wind of it as my family and I were watching TV when their commercial came on. I really didn’t think much of the commercial until the final 5 seconds and then there it was…

The screen went white and in big letters along the bottom: www.austinrvexpo.com.

Too bad I didn’t have my phone in my hand and had to wait a few more commercial breaks to catch it again. Nevertheless, I did manage to wait it out and snap a shot of the tv screen (see below and look closely).

Austin RV Expo

I didn’t know it at the time, but was excited to find out that the exact match domain was used as the Expo’s digital presence. AustinRVExpo.com has been registered since April 21, 2006, closing in on it’s 10th registration birthday.

I commend the TRVA Austin RV Shows, Inc. for choosing such a stellar domain name choice instead of trvaaustinrvshows.com or another unfriendly combination of words.

Nevertheless, this is another company that gets it, meaning they understand their market and how customers search. When I type “rv expo” into Google to search, up pops the website and social media profiles for Austin RV Expo (and multiples too!). NICE!

By the way, I do know that their search results being ranked in the first couple of spots happens because I live in Austin. Search results tend to be based on the location from which you search, rather from the location of your issued IP address (tech talk).

Finally, there is also also a WashingtonRVExpo.com that appears in the search results. Looks like another company is thinking like TRVA Austin RV Shows, Inc.

Growing business in a shrinking ride share market in Austin

Most of us at some point have used a ride sharing service, such as Uber or Lyft. I recall my first use of Uber about 2-3 months ago when I took a business trip to San Diego.

I made the mistake of using an airport cab service.  Why?  Well, the cab was there when I arrived at the transportation loading location, and with the door open too.

I know, I know.  I had the Uber app on my phone, but thought, “Hey, there is a decent working cab right here in front of me so why wait.” Well, that was the wrong decision as you’re about to find out.

I arrived at my destination and with a reasonable rate; however, I didn’t realize my drivers license and credit card fell out of my pocket until I went to check in at the hotel.

The cab was long gone by then and I could remember the domain name or phone number of the cab. Yikes, now what?  And to make matters worse, I couldn’t check in because I didn’t have id or my passport on me.

Fortunately I had a receipt from the cab texted/emailed and contacted the company numerous times over a 3-hour window.  But the cab would not come back to the hotel with my belongings.

So, I did what any responsible person should do next.  I called the police to report my items stolen after the cabbie refused to bring back my belongings unless I paid.

Long story short, I got my belongings back and the office on my case suggested to NEVER use cabs again and always opt for Uber or Lyft. Lesson learned.

But I know you’re thinking what does that have to do with this story, right? Well, on my way home from the office a few weeks ago, I pulled up to a red light. I tend to observe my surroundings and various businesses and automobiles that pass around me.

As I sat at the light, a van pulled up next to me with a few advertisements on top and back, as I would later find out once the light turned green.

Austin Cab CompanyBut my eyes were drawn to a web address on the side of the cab that read: AustinCab.com.

I couldn’t wait to arrive at home in front of my computer to find out how long the domain had been registered (since April 23, 2003).

With Uber and Lyft in Austin and disrupting cab services, such as AustinCab.com, that had long commanded the ride share market, cab companies that are looking to survive will need to step up their technology, digital presence and operational efficiency.

If they don’t, then expect to lose market share. It’s just that easy.

I share all of this to make this point: if I ever got into a jam where I needed a ride in Austin and neither Uber or Lyft were available, then how easy it is to remember AustinCab.com.

Oh… and one more thing…

As I close, no sooner than I left the light, I noticed that I need to stop and get gas in my old 1977 Caprice Classic.

As I pumped gas, look at the Austin-based company that pulled in as the same gas station.

In closing, I love seeing companies that get and understand the importance of an easy to remember digital presence.

Austin-based mattress company

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