Austin Dance Camps Arrive Just-In-Time for Summer

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Well this week marks the end of a school year for quite a few families throughout the greater Austin metroplex.

It’s music to my ears to hear that school is out and traffic will be lessened for the next 3 months with not school buses or school related vehicles congesting the streets and highways. ?

It really doesn’t impact me all that much, seeing my commute is nothing but three minutes from the front door of my home to the door of my office.

With kiddos not old enough to be in the school cycle yet, I was reminded the school year had come to an end as I passed a few fliers at Rudy’s promoting camps and activities just-in-time for summer.

One of the first fliers I discovered was a dance camp for 3-9 year olds host by Dancers Workshop. The cute little in the ad foreshadows my future about 1-2 years from now when my little girl may have an interest in dancing (oh brother!).

Dancers Workshop Austin

Nevertheless, I made note of the domain used which happens to be a brandable geo domain:

It’s a bit challenging to make out due to the use of ALL CAPS. I highly recommend the use of CamelCase lettering when advertising domains to make it easier on the eyes and mind to comprehend the domain.

That said, I even pondered whether or not there could be better geo domains available for registration, seeing that this dance camp has a hyper-local focus to reach Austin-based residents.

Right out of the gates, I focused on prepending “Austin” and “ATX” to “summer camp” , “summer camps”, “summer workshop”, and “summer workshops”, finding the following domains available at time of publication (*denotes available):

Although the premiums in the list are registered, is certainly high on my list as a domain that could easily be branded, developed and ranked well across major search engines for any sort of camp in general.

I then circled the wagon to focus on combining “ATX” and “Austin” with “dance”, “dancer”, “dancers”, “camp”, and “camps”, finding the following domains available at time of publication (*denotes available):

Although the first selection,, is taken, I highly recommend as the next best opportunity to brand a hyper-local focused dance camp based in Austin.

Moving right along, I zoomed out a bit to focus strictly on the keywords of “summer”, “camp”, “camps”, “dance”, “dancer”, and “dancers”, finding the following domains available at time of publication (*denotes available):

While there are a few available options, the premiums in the list are both registered: and

Last but not least, I circled the wagon once more to attempt to identify variations of the original domain,, finding the following domains available at time of publication (*denotes available):

I’m somewhat baffled at the fact that all of the variations of the original domain are available for hand registration. Most brands, personal and business, often defensively register domain variations to protect from brand dilution.

I’m of the belief that it’s in the best interest of Dancers Workshop Austin to purchase and redirect all domains — at least

Final Thoughts

In closing, I hope you’ve found this domain overview of Dancers Workshop Austin to be as beneficial as I have researching and delivering it.

Please take a moment to truly reflect upon your own business and domain strategy, applying the various thoughts and principles as shared above.

Thanks and that’s all for now!

Alvin Brown
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