Austin Goes Green, Clean and Reggae This Earth Day Weekend!

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It’s Friday, and visitors and folks here in Austin are preparing for three days of the 25th Annual Austin Reggae FestWhat Unity In The Community Sounds Like.

I was recently reminded as I passed a poster and noticed somewhat small .com domain being advertised.

Personally, I would opt for more prominent elevation of text size and placement of the superb geo domain of

Nevertheless, I was pleasantly surprised to discover redirects to, although and are both available for registration at the time of this publication.

As many festivals has Austin hosts annually, it’s always refreshing to discover festival organizations owning and using their matching .com domain(s).

A month and few weeks following SXSW and Urban Music Fest respectively, the Austin Reggae Fest provides the perfect spring time entertainment with the city skyline as it’s backdrop — hosted at Auditorium Shores.

With an estimated 50-60K people expected to in be in attendance to benefit the Central Texas Food Bank, this year’s show brings The Wailers, Black Uhuru, Kabaka Pyramid and trove of other Reggae artists to enjoy.

And if the Austin Reggae Fest isn’t your speed, then Austin encourages your participation in supporting local businesses committed to give 5% to make Austin green, clean, and healthy today!

In honor of Earth Day, there are a number of businesses joining forces to benefit various Austin Environmental Non-Profits.

And although I agree with the cause, I disagree with the domain used to support the cause:

Unfortunately, doesn’t pass the radio test, and it looks to not own or redirect the matching .com.

Not only that, but both and are both are both available for registration at the time of this publication. That’s three strikes and you’re out!

I can’t stress the importance of securing and using domains that pass the radio test as well as defensive registration to protect marketing spend and branding value.

With Avita Pharmacy, Southwest, The Higley Foundation and Velocity as sponsors, there’s more than enough brand and brain power to have secured the appropriate domain.

But I’ll get off my soap box, and put some skin into the game to support making Austin green, clean, and healthy. I hope you join in as well. 😉

That’s all for now.

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