Austin’s “Authentic” Chuy’s Now Uses Partial Spanish and English .com

Mi Tradicion Panaderia
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It’s not everyday that one encounters a company using a partial Spanish and English .com domain as their primary digital presence.

Let that sink in for a moment. Yes, I encountered an Austin-based company using a Spanish and English .com domain for the bakery and restaurant.

Located at Ohlen and HWY 183, Mi Tradition Panaderia has been an Austin staple offering authentic Mexican sweets and savory chow.

Voted FIRST PLACE in my top 5 breakfast tacos in Austin, I was recently invited by a friend to meetup for lunch.

Of course, it wasn’t long before my eyes spotted Mi Tradition’s domain name advertised in its bakery windows:

Mi Tradicion Bakery

It certainly took me by surprise this Mexican Artisan Bakery choose to use a partial Spanish and English .com domain as their primary digital presence.

Why would a business owner make this type of decision? ?

It wasn’t until I translated panaderia that I realized this word was the Spanish translation of the English word bakery.

Not only that, but then I realized how panaderia is a bit more complicated to spell for non-Spanish speakers as opposed to spelling Mi, Tradicion, and Bakery.

But did Mi Tradicion actually own too?

I was surprised to discover available for registration at the time of this publication.

Nevertheless, lunch was out of this world — both authentic Mexican dishes as well as a few churro sweets from the bakery.

However, where things took an interesting turn for me was as I was leaving and taking a few pictures of the domain name to write this story.

I noticed a gentleman watching me as I took pictures while my friend told me a bit of the bakery’s history.

Come to find out, Mi Tradicion was originally named Chuy’s Panaderia in 2009, but was forced to change their name after a long legal battle and process with the chain Tex-Mex restaurant Chuy’s.

And the gentleman that was watching me as I took pictures turned out to be the owner of Mi Tradicion, Jesus Guevara — confirming every word that my friend and I had exchanged.

Jesus stated the name change to Mi Tradicion was a natural fit as many Spanish-speaking customers typically referred to it as such.

What I found most interesting is that is listed as available as a GoDaddy Premium Domain with a $995 price tag.

I personally think upgrading to would make for a great investment to shorten the name and remove the barrier of the partial Spanish and English domain usage in favor of branding

In closing, it’s very likely partial Spanish and English .com domain usage are on the rise. In addition, use of Spanish domain names are on the rise too as is the fastest-growing demographic.

Thanks and that’s all for now.

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