Breaking Through With .Glass

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From auto glass repair companies, windows manufacturers, or creative glass artisans, you certain to enjoy and be encouraged by my latest new gTLD extension encounter.

My most recent encounter happened while in route back to the office from a nice trim and shave at my local barber. I was a block from the office at a red light when a truck pulled up next to me.

At that moment, I was prepping my mind for the number of tasks I was aiming to complete, so I didn’t think or make much of truck until I heard a horn blow.

I looked around a bit spooked, thinking the traffic light had turned green and I somehow was the issue. Fortunately, this was not the case at all. It turn out to be an inadvertent horn blower.

Nevertheless, as I checked both side mirrors, my eyes landed on a delivery truck with the following domain name advertised on it:

Thermotec Glass

Fortunately, the light was red and I was able to quickly snap the picture. It wasn’t too long after I snapped the picture that the light turned green. It was time to go about my way and get back to the office to finish up the day.

Of course, I wasted no time researching my new find once back at the office.

Opening a web browser and typing in the .glass web address for Thermotec as advertised on the truck, I expected to find a developed website for an Austin-based glass installation company.

I discovered a user-friendly and responsive website for Thermotec, but it used a different domain name: It appears that Thermotec.Glass redirects to

Thermotec Glass Website

And if you’re wondering about the “IGM” within their domain name, it’s an abbreviation found on their website logo: Insulated Glass Manufacturer.

Also per their website, Thermotec has been in business for over 15 years with a combined 30 years of experience in providing insulated glass manufacturing and wholesale services.

As for the redirection of Thermotec.Glass, this is surprising. Thermotec likely spent quite a bit of money wrapping their trucks with the .glass new gTLD extension.

I didn’t reach out or contact Thermotec for further questioning to identify why they’ve chosen to brand their company using a .glass new gTLD extension.

What’s a bit more intriguing is yet a different commercial and residential wholesale glass company, based in Dallas, Texas, owns and uses

Nevertheless, I wanted to share my latest new gTLD extension encounter with you. That’s all for now!

Alvin Brown
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