Bringing Life to Austin Home and Commercial A/V Dreams

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I have a rather short 3-minute commute from my home to my office here in Northwest Austin, occasionally encountering a variety of domain names in my short travel time.

Most of the domains encountered are the same ole’ ones due to the number of small business or professional office strips along Pond Springs Rd.

Nevertheless, I was headed home this evening when I stopped to get gas at the corner of Hunters Chase and Pond Springs.

As I was leaving the gas station in route to home, a van passed in front of me with a domain that brought a smile to my face:

Of course, due to driving, I was unable to whip out my phone fast enough to snap a picture. But fortunately the van traveled the same path I take everyday.

However, this day I had to follow the van one block further passed my turn to get the shot you see below. Van

What a great domain name to represent a local company specializing in residential and commercial home theater services.

Upon further review once I made it home a few minutes later, I discovered the company, Austin Audio Home Theater, is literally a two minute (if that) drive away from my office, located not far from Pond Springs Rd. and Anderson Mill Rd (not far east past intersection).

Although Austin Audio Home Theater has a great domain name for a local market, their website could use some help with greater user-friendly design and responsiveness instead of using what appears to be GoDaddy’s WebsiteBuilder service.

Per their website, has completed a number of projects over the last 20 years for a number of Austin-based businesses and homeowners.

Just as their mission and motto is to provide simplicity and performance in meeting a/v needs, I’m certain that having represents their company’s digital presence quite well online and offline. is short and easy to remember, and a broad enough domain name that allows for future growth of company service offering.

But encountering got me thinking about what other domain name options are available for sale or to be purchased at hand-reg fee.

It’s not an exhaustive list of domains, but certainly a few geo service domains to consider redirecting and tracking to a primary website (* denotes available for registration at time of writing):

In addition, some of the domains, especially “City”, could also be prime candidates for microsite development.

Much like the Austin-based mattress company and its growing domain portfolio, the available domains above are worth registering simply to keep them out of the hands of existing competition or startup companies.

I hope this sparks some ideas how you can grow your personal and company’s domain portfolio to generate greater exposure and overall growth.

Let me know if you have questions, or feel free to drop me a comment.  That’s all for now!

Alvin Brown
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