A Buggy and Day of Just Train Fun!

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It’s a few days before Christmas and we’re frantically preparing not only for Christmas, but our oldest son turning 5 years old.

Where has the time gone? It’s advancing like it has somewhere to be, and in short order.

There’s much truth to the parental saying of  “… the days and nights are long, yet the years are short.”

Not only is turning 5 a big deal in our house this week, but more so the journey towards his special day.

About 10 months ago, we had dinner with friends. After dinner, we decided to take our combined six kids to the park.

We gathered up the kids, strollers, bikes, and diaper bags to head towards the park to allow the kids to blow off a little energy before ending our visit.

And that’s when it happened… our then 4 year-old son saw the toy that would change his life, forever: Dune Racer.

For the next week, his mother and I endured nothing but conversations about “the buggy” at every turn.

Finally, we hatched a plan to end the discussion (hopefully!). ?

We propositioned him with the following question:

Would you prefer to have the buggy or a birthday party, but not both?

I just knew in my heart of hearts our oldest son would choose birthday party, but He didn’t! ?

“The buggy” won his little heart over.

Time for another plan then. Being the good parents we are, we strive and jump at the opportunity to teach our kids biblical application to everyday living.

So, if we’re going to talk about “the buggy”, then we might as well pray about “the buggy” in our daily family prayer and gratitude time.

Fast forward 10 months from the moment he accepted the proposition and chose “the buggy”, I’m proud to say he endured and persevered daily prayer.

More so, I was surprised at his growth during this process. As we prayed daily, my wife and I watched his little heart be transformed right before our very own eyes.

It went from wanting “the buggy” more than anything else to desiring God’s will and purpose more than wanting “the buggy”, even if it meant not getting the buggy. ?

So much so, he was at peace after opening all of his gifts and not having seen or unwrapped the buggy.

But as good parents wanting to give their children good gifts, I ask him to walk me outside as I headed to the office.  He obliged and walked outside to receive his unexpected blessing, “the buggy”.

And the rest was history! He thanked God, us, and was on cloud nine (still is at this very moment)!

Although he received “the buggy”, our day didn’t stop there. He also requested a trip to the mall to indulge in small-amusement like rides for a quarter, and to experience “Just Train Fun”, a real-life train ride inside the mall.

And of course, you know I could resist snapping a few pics when seeing the domain JustTrainFun.com (good little brandable domain and play on words too!).

All in all, we had a day of “just plain fun” celebrating our boy’s milestone of turning 5 years old and biblical application of effective, faithful prayer.

That’s all for now! Oh yeah… If I don’t get to share another story, please have a blessed, and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Alvin Brown
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