Bungalow Rentals Arriving at Volente

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Thank goodness it’s near the end of a work week.

As I entered through the Village of Volente, Texas to make my way to the office this morning, I happened to pass two interesting yard signs.

I say interesting because both signs were actually advertising using a .com domain.

I was quite surprised to read “Vacation Rentals Coming Soon!” on the first and “Volente Beach Bungalows.com” on the second.

Volente Vacation Rentals

Volente Beach Bungalow Rentals

Of course the signs could have been better (professionally) prepared rather than hand crafted. But I guess they’ll do since its a small community population tucked into the Hill Country on the Northeast side of Lake Travis not too far from the Oasis.

Every morning I enjoy the early morning whispers of the lake and birds singing and chirping sweet melodies. This morning was no different, yet I was a bit stoked to see what I would find at VolenteBeachBungalows.com.

Well, its nothing to write home about, but the functionality is solid for book your next Volente Beach Bungalow. It appears the website was created using Wix.com.

There’s much room for improvement like better pictures and a professional website design. Even if they couldn’t pay for web design costs, I think I’d opt for a real estate theme offered by TemplateMonster.com.

But I digress from the domain name that got me all worked up and excited.

Seeing VolenteBeachBungalows.com carelessly strewn on the sign got me to thinking about whether or not there was a shorter and more effective domain name to be advertised. Here’s what I found:


Of course the variation in domain combos varies using .com and new domain extensions. Although VolenteBeachBungalows.com is a mouthful to say and I pause a few times typing it out, one could easily invest in using one of the short options above, redirecting it to the longer domain.

Or simply keep using the domain that got ya to the beachside party. Nevertheless, this sleepy village of Volente and the beachside is coming to life as warmer days and summer fast approach.

As I work on the balcony daily for a few hours in the cool, I hear and see patrons having a good ole’ time out on the beachside and party barges.

I love our office and I love the fact that I just stumbled upon a recent article about why I saw those yard signs advertising Volente Beach Bungalows. Looks like upgrades are in management and the overall Volente experience are moving full speed ahead.

Come stop by to see and experience a bit of paradise here in the sleepy Village of Volente, Texas. 😉

Alvin Brown
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