Breaking Through With .Glass

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From auto glass repair companies, windows manufacturers, or creative glass artisans, you certain to enjoy and be encouraged by my latest new gTLD extension encounter.

My most recent encounter happened while in route back to the office from a nice trim and shave at my local barber. I was a block from the office at a red light when a truck pulled up next to me.

At that moment, I was prepping my mind for the number of tasks I was aiming to complete, so I didn’t think or make much of truck until I heard a horn blow.

Bringing Life to Austin Home and Commercial A/V Dreams

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I have a rather short 3-minute commute from my home to my office here in Northwest Austin, occasionally encountering a variety of domain names in my short travel time.

Most of the domains encountered are the same ole’ ones due to the number of small business or professional office strips along Pond Springs Rd.

Nevertheless, I was headed home this evening when I stopped to get gas at the corner of Hunters Chase and Pond Springs.

Achieving a .Life of Nutrition Counseling and Worksite Wellness

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It’s not often that you think of the words nutrition and wellness in conjunction with Rudy’s BBQ (no offense Rudy’s). 🙂

But as I made my way from the parking lot into Rudy’s for my bi-weekly early Saturday morning meeting, I jumpstarted my brain by perusing Rudy’s local business ad cork boards.

There are a number of business cards, post cards, posters, placards, and more that are posted on four 4 x 6 cork boards adhered to the external walls of Rudy’s just before entering the store.

Because I love domains so much, I take my time viewing each cork and reviewing the number of advertisements posted on each. This also gives my eyes and mind time to adjust, being it’s just after 6 in the morning.

Nevertheless, a particular ad caught my eye due to the email address it used.

Is an abbreviated geo service domain an option for your brand?

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It was another fun-filled weekend of Town and Country Soccer. If you remember in my last post, I thought summer had passed.

Boy was I wrong about that! It was quite hot this past weekend, especially for a 1:30 pm soccer game for 4-6 year olds. Nevertheless, our little team did well.

They did have to substitute a bit more due to the heat, and we had a few heat-related crying episodes on the sidelines too. But nothing a gatorade and quick snack couldn’t remedy. 😉

An Interesting .Land gTLD Encounter

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Weekends often fly by when your having fun, especially this past weekend as I attended a Men’s Retreat.

I kicked off this past weekend by getting on the road and heading to T Bar M Camps & Retreats for my home church’s, Mosaic Church Austin, annual Men’s Retreat.

I managed to escape Austin’s nightmarish traffic to head south to New Braunfels, Texas.

In route, I spotted quite a few domains being advertised across various media that I’ll likely write about in the coming weeks and months.

A Festival “Keeping Austin Cool”

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I’ve lived in Austin for the past 13 years and counting.

I originally lived in Pflugerville, a suburb just north of Austin, for 4-5 years when I first arrived. However, my wife and I (and our growing family) have called Northwest Austin our home base for the last 9 or so years.

Austin has grown quite a bit over this time and still growing. In fact, many hope that folks will stop moving to Austin to curb soaring real estate prices and reduce the economic constraints of congested traffic, to put it lightly.

Nevertheless, it’s been a fun experience watching Austin burst at its seams in exponential growth.

One of the areas of growth is watching and partaking of the many festivals Austin has birthed over the last decade or more.

Why Small Business Owners Should Own Their Personal Domain Name

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I’m often intrigued by the number of small business owners operating fairly successful businesses, yet do so with less than stellar domain names as their web presence.

Of course, it’s possible to operate a business without a domain name and be successful. We did quite well as a society before introducing the internet, although limited in customer reach and growth.

However, operating a business with a less than stellar domain could very well cost your business future customers, and likely shutter the doors on the business itself.

I was recently reminded of this very concept as I casually strolled through the professional office location I recently moved too thanks to the help of The Paul Ott Company.

Would you like a .com with or without hyphens?

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Today’s post leaves me scratching my head for a number of reasons I’m soon to mention.

My family and I were in route home from a filling dinner when I spotted a domain on the back of a car.

I maneuvered lanes of traffic to get closer to read the back of the car.

It was hard to make out, but I was able to make out a domain with hyphens and a phone number.

The vehicle belonged to a local Austin maid service.

Didn’t realize .solar domain extension existed…

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As I travel to and fro across the greater Austin metroplex, I quite often stumble upon a wide variety of domain names.

From yard signs to billboards to auto wraps and more, domain name advertising is fiercely competing for our eyes and wallets.

Over the last 25 years or more, most people know about and have become comfortable with the legacy domain extensions (i.e., .com, .org, .net).

Although I listed the common three, there are 20-25 that are categorized as legacy domain name extensions.

But in the last 3-4 years, ICANN took it upon themselves to open the domain extension flood gates to the second coming of the domain goldrush, releasing nearly 1400+ new words to the right of the dot.