Fourth of July Family Pictures and a Few Domains

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Of course, it was a bright and early here in Austin, Texas, and the House of Brown has beat the sun up for a fun and exciting day.

That’s right, we took family pictures to celebrate the 4th of July, birthdays for boy #2 and girl (born the same day two years apart, turning 3 and 1 respectively), and simply another family milestone.

We loaded up and headed to Buda, Texas just 20 minutes south of Austin.

Our destination for family pics, Buda’s Historic Stagecoach Park, was chosen by a longtime family friend, Hanna Mac Photography.

Bouncing Around in the Wild with a .Rentals Domain

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This past Friday, I had the pleasure of attending the our church’s last day of vacation bible school.

My wife, as well as a number of volunteers, had faithfully served throughout the week in various capacities.

Across the United States, and likely throughout the world, Vacation Bible School is one of those events that kicks off summer in a special way.

This year was special because our oldest son was able to attend have his little heart seeded with the Gospel. What a pleasure it was having him arrive home daily to share all that he had learned.

Generating business before, during, and after rolling blackouts with a geo service domain

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It’s another day here in the great metropolis of Austin, Texas, also known as Hill Country.   And it’s that time of the year where the sun is brutal on everyone and everything crazy enough to challenge it.

I was recently reminded of the increased sweltering heat as I sat outside a Starbucks meeting with and assisting a customer with their search marketing efforts for their website.

So much so that I begin craving for a pool and good ole’ AC.  Regardless, the thermometer here in Texas is ALWAYS inching its way just north of the high 90’s and consistently.

Not only is the temp going up, but our summer utility bills often times act as if they’re in an arms race to orbit and reach Mars first, leaving winter bills a distant memory of the past.

Who knew Austin had a 2-day Pond Tour

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This past weekend was another fun filled weekend for the House of Brown. We ventured downtown to attend Bubblepalooza!, presented by The Long Center and HEB, on the City Terrace at The Long Center.

I didn’t really know what to expect or how our two boys would respond (our little girl is only 11 months and just goes with the flow for now). Fortunately, Bubblepalooza! was a hit.

On our way home from Bubblepalooza! a fence banner caught my eye as we pass Zilker Park and Zilker Botanical Gardens.

Memorial Day at Austin’s CapTexTri

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Austin is always bumping and jumping with a host of events.

And don’t think that it being Memorial Day weekend would lessen the list of events around the great ATX.

Speaking of Memorial Day, I hope you and yours remember those who greatly sacrificed their lives so that we could enjoy the freedom to live in a free land.

I’m grateful for the many family members, friends, co-workers, and neighbors who answered the call to serve their country and fellow man.

We didn’t do much per se, but we did support friends participating in Austin’s CapTex Triathlon held at Auditorium Shores in Downtown Austin across from what was once (now defunct).

Weekend of Austin Music and Scripts

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Living in Austin, Texas, it’s often a challenge to escape the breakfast taco urge and madness on any day of the week. ??

I do pretty good about not making frequent stops over at the 183/Duval Rudy’s. Too bad I meet with a group of men their once a month or I would otherwise live a breakfast taco free life. 🙂

One of the things I love about Rudy’s besides those delicious breakfast tacos (hungry yet!?) is checking out their local business ad boards.

These custom cork boards remind you of a school chalk board as they are 4 x 6 at a minimum.

Nevertheless, the cork boards, located and adhered to external walls of Rudy’s, are covered in business cards, posters, postcards and anything else one can advertise.

I love perusing the wall of ads to spot companies that “get it” and those that don’t. If you don’t know by now, “get it” is the phrase I adorn companies, organizations, or people with that know how to effectively use domains to grow their business.

But for those that “get it”, there are a vast number of business and personal brands that miss the mark, and quite often.

This day, I spotted there are two events here in Austin and that “get it”: Austin Record Convention and Out of Ink 2017: Object Lessons.

When choosing a shorter domain makes the most dollars and sense…

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The other day I ventured over to check mail and found my monthly edition the the Community Impact.

It’s filled with all sorts of articles, highlights, and advertisements pertaining to the greater Austin metroplex.

I personally read it for the latest updates on new businesses launching or unfortunately closing.

Then there is also the red hot real estate market here in Austin that I like to keep tabs on.

But the most interesting thing that captivates my attention are the various ad types.

From small mom and pop to larger middle market companies, there are quite a few companies hoping their ad catches the eye of a potential customer.

Sharing faith and growing your church using domain names

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Although it’s sad to admit, churches are often quite behind when it comes to embracing and harnessing the power of technology to share their faith.

Fortunately, I’m grateful to be an active member of a church in the eclectic city of Austin where only roughly 16% of the population actively attends church.

Our church embraces technology and does a decent job effectively using domains to share the Gospel and draw awareness to the Gospel in general.

I’m always amazed and encourage to encounter churches embracing domains to grow their church as well as share the Gospel.

Defensively Registering Domains: Psst, your park gate is open…

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I encountered another billboard while on my home that made me think about the importance of defensively registering domains.

I was able to quickly and safely pull off the road to capture a snapshot as the billboard stuck out to me for a number of reasons.

The billboards’s blue, white, and black hues are simple in design and layout, having an appealing white call-to-action text on a blue background.

Next, the billboard contained the logo and blue text describing its services placed on a white background.

Finally, at the bottom of the billboard in white text on a background was the domain name and phone number.

Most importantly, the billboard was well designed and well positioned for the nearly 180K plus Austin-based drivers that pass it daily along highway 183.

Lawn mowing company markets perfect .co domain

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It’s not very often that I’ve encountered a .co domain.

I own a handful of .co domain names, but most are for the sole purpose of development and nothing more.

.co was once touted as the new kid on the block that every startup would venture to when the .com was taken for the domain they wanted so desired.

There have been many .co sales to occur over the years based on and

However, .co came and went, and now .io is the new diamond in rough that cool and hip tech companies are clamoring over when registering a short and easy to brand domain when the .com is not available.

Although .co’s day came and went, it didn’t go out without a bang.