Teaching Kids The Power of Entrepreneurship ?

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Happy Cinco De Mayo to you this early Saturday morning! ?

I can tell by how bright the sun shines that it won’t be long before the summer heat begins to scorch the greater Austin metro area for days on end.

So much so that it’ll leave many folks wishing for a cold beverage to wet the whistle and cool down a bit.

Today is likely to be a precursor for what’s to come this summer.

And with Cinco De Mayo festivities getting underway here in Austin, there is also another event kicking off today aimed at teaching kids K-5 how to start, own, and operate their very own business.

Remember that cold beverage on a hot summer day most neighborhood kids have likely attempted to peddle as a business idea? 

A Buggy and Day of Just Train Fun!

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It’s a few days before Christmas and we’re frantically preparing not only for Christmas, but our oldest son turning 5 years old.

Where has the time gone? It’s advancing like it has somewhere to be, and in short order.

There’s much truth to the parental saying of  “… the days and nights are long, yet the years are short.”

Not only is turning 5 a big deal in our house this week, but more so the journey towards his special day.