Why leaving a brand’s fence gate wide open can be costly.

Leaving a brand’s fence gate wide open can be costly
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Happy New Year, readers! 🥳🎉

It’s been a long time (uh, 2020!) since I left you without some domain reading to read too. Read too, read too, read too. Read too, read too, read too.

I’m dating myself as I hum the late Aaliyah’s song Try Again from the film and album soundtrack Romeo Must Die.

Now that I have your head bobbing to the beat let’s get down to business about the perils of leaving your brand’s fence gate wide open.

Back to Houses of Worship and Other Places Soon… Maybe?

Back to Houses of Worship and Other Places Soon... Maybe?
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March 15, 2020, seems like it was last year when, in fact, it was only 90 days ago.

As I type this very sentence, I realize that it’s been even longer, 6 months exactly to this day, since I last posted on this blog. WOW!

Nevertheless, we, the global population, were once as free as could be, to a certain extent, some 90+ days ago.

The (im)perfect domain to fight food waste.

Imperfect.com - With groceries and humor, it's all in the delivery.
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Would you buy and have grocery items delivered to you if it saved you up to 30% more than national supermarket chains?

We’re a family of five, with three kids at or under the age of 7 — 7, 5, and 3, to be exact. Two years ago, my family found itself in the throws of navigating life with a 5, 3, and 1-year-old.

During this “wilderness” experience of roughly 3-4 years without venturing out to restaurants due to the possibility of a cataclysmic meltdown or any delay, my wife certainly got intimately familiar with food and grocery delivery services.

Fast forward a few years, and food and grocery delivery services are every mother’s dream come true, especially for a mother of young children.

Like any other fast-growing metropolis, Austin is home to a number of varying food and grocery delivery service providers.

I recently discovered one of these service providers — conveniently parked next to my car — as I jumped into my car to travel home from receiving a haircut at a local barbershop.

How .pharmacy aims to clearly identify safe and legal online pharmacies and resources.

.pharmacy domains - safer purchase of prescriptions
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The last two weeks of 2019, especially today — Dec. 31st, is the most TV I’ll watch all year long, specifically college football bowl games.

I’ve seen a plethora of domain names during games and commercials, mostly .com domain names advertising the bowl itself or sponsors and advertisers.

While I rarely sit through the commercials, I spotted an interesting domain extension that I hadn’t seen before: .pharmacy.

Domain Sightings and Georgia On My Mind.

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A few nights ago, a customer and long-time friends of my wife and I treated us to a double date of the Long Center presented Georgia On My Mind: A Celebration of Ray Charles and His Music.

The night was a walk down memory lane of Ray Charles’ catalog of greatest hits performed by highly esteemed, award-winning artists and musicians — Clint Holmes, Nnenna Freelon, Tom Scott, and Take 6.

The Best Chinese .Delivery and .Catering in Austin.

The Best Chinese .Delivery and .Catering in Austin
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While perusing the latest edition of the Community Impact Newsletter for Northwest Austin the other day, I stumbled upon an interesting “domain in the wild” sighting for an Austin-based Chinese delivery and catering.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover not only one new domain extension advertised in print but two new domain extensions in the same ad.

A Fall Fest Here, There, Everywhere…

fall festival
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It’s that time of year when the green on trees limits the nutrients in anticipation of Jack Frost and Winter.

Although I dare say winter, Texas rarely experiences prolonged periods of Winter, unlike residents of the North and Northeast regions.

Nevertheless, I’ll take our 6-8 weeks of 40 to 50-degree differential weather of 50 to 70-degree days.

I can always tell “Texas Fall and Winter” is approaching here based on the number of Fall Fests and Pumpkin Patches popping up around the Austin area.

Domains in them thar West Virginian hills.

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It’s been nearly 10 years since my wife and I had the opportunity to venture east, visiting the scenic natural beauty of them thar hills and mountains of West Virginia.

Ten years ago, we excitedly watched our friends take the plunge into marriage. Fast forward a decade later, 6 kids in between our families, and a timely football game between the West Virginia Mountaineers and the Longhorns of the University of Texas at Austin.

Austin-based Brands Increasingly Choose New Domain Extensions.

Reading Time | 9 Minutes

Each month I’m amazed to discover a small but growing number of Austin-based companies branding domains using new top-level extensions — the good, bad, and ugly.

Rummaging through the last 6 editions of the Community Impact Newsletter (CIN )for Northwest Austin, I’ve discovered breweries, pet shops, fitness brands, summer camps, and entertainment venues among the early adopters. 

If you can’t beat .com, join .us!

Reading Time | 8 Minutes

With almost 400 million domains registered worldwide, there is no shortage of decent domain name registrations, especially with 1400+ new domain extensions to choose from and speculation of more to hit the market beyond 2020.

There are approximately 145 million .com domains (~35%) registered worldwide. Most people will likely guess .net and .org to be respectively 2nd and 3rd in line behind .com, accounting for 5-10% of .com registrations. But believe it or not, both extensions are, respectively, 5th and 7th.

The general internet population, especially within the United States, is likely to be amazed that most domains registered worldwide are ccTLD domainscountry code top-level domains.