Christmas Eve On .TV

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Although we spend Christmas Day at our home, we’ve been on the road again this Christmas weekend.

This year we trekked over to visit my in-laws in good ole’ Conroe, Texas.

And truth be told, we also visited a little town my wife called home all of her childhood: Cut and Shoot, Texas. ?

Yes, there is a town in Texas with such a name and approximately 1,200 folk call it home.

It’s actually a nice little cozy getaway to get off the grid and enjoy the pace and amenities of rural life.

Nevertheless, we enjoyed our time with family and friends, having attended a Country Christmas Pajama Party. You oughta try some time. 😉

As we headed back to Austin for a fast-paced life on the grid, I spotted an interesting billboard sporting a .tv domain just in time for Christmas: Lonestar.TV/Christmas.

Come to find out, the billboard ad was no other than Montgomery’s very own Lonestar Cowboy Church.

This is not the first time I’ve spotted Lonestar advertising domains. Lonestar Cowboy Church is present or on the bleeding edge of harnessing the power of technology to share the Gospel and story of Jesus.

Personally, I love seeing churches making good use of domains, especially using a .tv domain to capture and share experiencing the heart of Christmas, a service broadcasted online.

Although I prefer being present for Christmas services, I hat tip Lonestar Cowboy Church and their innovative use of a .tv domain to reach and share the story of Jesus with the masses this Christmas Eve.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours! 😉

Alvin Brown
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