Dining Out for Life in Austin

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It’s a terrific Tuesday and we’re off to a fast start here in Austin, Texas. Today, I’m sharing with you about a city-wide event that’s happening all day long: Dining Out For Life (DOFL).

I recently discovered a poster advertising Dining Out for Life, which consists of over 60 restaurants participating in allowing patrons to dine breakfast, lunch and dinner to help put food on someone else’s table.

In addition, proceeds from this one day are committed in donation to fight HIV alongside clients of the Helping Hands Food Bank and other programs of ASA (Aids Services of Austin).

Austin: Dine Out, Fight AidsFrom brunch at Swift’s Attic with Mondo Guerra to Pam Grier Film Screening, DOFL is certainly gaining traction with a number of folks having donate at the time of this publication. Nearly a third of the way to the goal at $24K, this year’s goal is to raise $75K.

But what really captured my attention was the ad’s use of an abbreviated geo .org domain: DineOutATX.org.

As with many .org ventures, most tend to operate or advertise a non-profit organizations — especially when I see the words “donate”, “support” , and “programs” in close proximity. Not all the time, but most of the time.

In this case, I discovered DineOutATX.org simply redirects to subdomain DineOutATX.GreatFeats.com.  GreatFeats.com is a website offering online fundraising software and recently purchased by OneCause.com.

Nevertheless, I was intrigued to research why an abbreviated geo .org domain was used instead of a .com and “Austin”. It didn’t take me long to discover an answer.

DineOutAustin.com appears to be registered and listed as a GoDaddy premium domain ($500 minimum offer) while DineOutATX.com and DineOutAustin.org is available for registration at the time of this publication.

I’m highly surprised both DineOutATX.com and DineOutAustin.org were not registered by the organization when registering DineOutATX.org — knowing it’s not wise to leave a .com domain available for registration, especially when it’s the matching .com. ?

Register domain variations even if nothing more than using domains as simple redirects to the main website. I always encourage companies to register the matching .com when using non .com domains.

Another way to look at it is asking yourself, what is the cost of the domain in the hands of competition or less than reputable person? ?

I’ll leave you to think on that for your personal or business brand while I’m off to dine out and fight aids.

That’s all for now.

Alvin Brown
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