It’s a dirty job, but the poop must be scooped!

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I sat outside for a bit this morning before the brutal Texas heat reared its ugly head.

My hope was to allow our boys to run off their breakfast tacos and chocolate milk in the cool of the morning before being held captive indoors for most of the day.

The boys did play, and even my baby girl got a chance to catch a bit of Vitamin D too.

But what caught my eye as my kids played and enjoyed themselves was a small black compact car that passed by.

The car passed by rather slow as if it was lost and trying to find it’s way to a specific house along our street.

At last, the car pulled in front of our neighbors house and I was fumbling and bumbling in an attempt to pull out my phone to snap a shot of the car’s company advertisement.

It was a pet poop pickup or, said another way, a pet waste removal company.

I knew because the car was black and had a domain name in big white text that read and 1-877-POOP-911 in smaller white text underneath it.

Scoop The Dog Poop

Poop 911

We Scoop The Poop

I was able to grab a few snap shots of the car. I was pleased with how it advertised it’s company and services.

After all, the domain and phone number we’re easy to read as was the company mascot and his saying, “We Scoop Dog Poop”.

As for the company’s website, I wasn’t throughly impressed as it was outdated, and not mobile-friendly or responsive in design.

They’ll need to get with the times for sure on their next web design. Their logo could also use a bit of help too.

As I snapped pictures for this post, some questions entered my mind:

Is the service offering only for dogs?

As I stated, I wasn’t too impressed with their website due to the outdated design, but

However, I did see that they do provide litter box cleaning services for cats as well.

Does the company offer more than scoop poop or poop scooper services?

I was surprised to see that they offer the following additional services:

  • Leaf Raking
  • Dog Walking
  • Repellent
  • Recycled Waste Bags
  • Hose-off Deck Patio
  • Deodorizer Spray
  • Fill Water or Food Bowl

Does company own matching vanity domain for 1-877-POOP-911?

Once I saw the vanity phone number listed beneath the domain name on the car wrap advertisement, my mind automatically raced to whether the company had registered the matching vanity domain.

To my surprise, the company HAS registered the following non-hyphenated domains, and are redirecting domains to


It’s always a valued to register both the vanity numbers and domains when given the opportunity.

Matching vanity numbers and domains makes marketing one’s business more memorable.

I did attempt other domain name variations with other numbers without and without hyphens.

Some of the variations included hyphens and all were available:

Who owns

This question was easy because I attempted to type in into a web browser with no resolve.

Then, I did the next best thing which was seeing if I could register and purchase Well it was available.

In my opinion, its always best to register variations of your domain name as defensive register just in case people get confused and can’t remember which came first, 911 or Poop.

Are there other domain names available that offer greater, lesser or the same visibility?

This is a tricky question to answer, and one that ALL businesses must ask and answer in complete transparency.

The reason I deem it tricky is that it calls a person’s business and brand into question.

Is this the best name and domain name for the business that offers the greatest exposure and flexibility for continued awareness and growth?

Much emotion goes into selecting a business name little does one ever realize until their asked to change it for the sake of growing the business.

In regards to, I wondered if there were other domain name options available for hand registration that would offer greater and lesser visibility.

When I reference lesser visibility, I’m aiming at focusing only on dog services. And when I reference greater visibility, I’m aiming at focusing on pet services in general.

So here’s what I could think up and the results I found in an attempt to purchase domains:

Out of this list, I was amazed that the top 5 domains were available for purchase.

And what’s more funny is that I actually owned and for a few years but couldn’t find a buyer willing to pay a couple of hundred dollars.

Hmm, maybe I should register them both again and contact

They appear to be a company that understands the value in owning more than one domain and redirecting it to its primary website.

I might just try that. Then again, I might just pass on it.

I’ve got bigger fish to fry in terms of flipping and developing domains at higher margins.

But you never know, buying the available domains above might be easy and quick flips for you.

Never know… you may have better luck than I did.

Alvin Brown
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