Discovering vehicles (and domains) at “Touch a Truck”

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Despite the Texas Longhorns giving an early Christmas gift win to the Oklahoma State Cowboys in overtime on an ill-advised lob for an interception, it’s been a long but good weekend.

The highlight of today was a field trip over to City of Round Rock’s “Touch a Truck”, which was a hit with our boys.

My wife and I didn’t know what to expect, but it was an event full of horn honking, lights and sirens, and vehicles of all shapes, sizes, and kinds.

From police and EMS service vehicles to tow trucks to backhoes and more, there was not a shortage of trucks, but there was an abundance of people and lines with kids awaiting their turn (see photos below).

In between vehicle station stops, we managed to get our hands on a few snacks.

One of my favorite stops was picking up a fresh bag of kettle corn from Kandi’s Kettle Corn.

Although my heart, mouth, and stomach were craving good ole kettle corn, I couldn’t help but notice the domain:

And the of course, Kona Ice was next door with a longer line than I was willing to wait, yet keeping everyone cool with shaved ice treats.

I also spotted a few domains while enjoying our family putting too.

One of the first domains I spotted was displayed on a table banner of a well-known daycare here in the Austin metro area:

What actually caught my eye about this domain was when I noticed the school bus behind the table used a hyper-local geo service domain:

Not that they don’t exist, but rarely do I ever encounter a hyper-local domain.

Typically, most local geo service domains are comprised of “city + service” or “service + city” like the one domain displayed on the back of police vehicles:

There were a few other domain encounters in addition to the local geo service domains.

Most of these domains were ones that I classify as brandable domains: and

One the coolest aspects of this event was the interactive area where kids were able to sit in the lap of personnel and actively dig using a backhoe (see video).

All in all, it was a really nice family outing. I encourage you and your little ones to take part the next chance y’all get.

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