Domains Bringing Summer Fun in the Sun on Lake Travis

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It’s heating up in Texas, and things are getting quite active around Volente Beach.

As I work the days away, I often see party buses to and fro with intense beach laughter and frolicking.

There’s a bit more loud music playing throughout the day than the norm, and the marina island is always packed with a party barge or two in full effect.

Truth be told, it’s quite a refreshing view to experience new ownership spicing things up around the sleepy village of Volente.

New ownership has made many changes for the good like updating the Bungalows and bringing back the big “Volente Beach” modified truck.

Volente Beach Monster Truck

I often saw this truck parked far from where you see it in the picture. I’m glad to see it and the domain,, in a prominent viewing area, making good use of marketing spend.

Come Visit

Of course, if you visit via a web browser, you’ll notice it’s a masked redirection to, which is a reasonable geo service domain.

Personally, I prefer, but this domain is registered and parked with ads on the page (although it is for sale).

Nevertheless, it works to the advantage of that is not developed by a competitor or anyone.

What’s all the commotion about?

There has been quite a lot of commotion going on in downtown Volente. We’ve seen big trucks, remodelers, and contractors of all sorts for at least 2-3 weeks.

After the dust settled, we figured out the Shoreline Club had been renamed to a more upbeat Beachside Billy’s with fresh paint, logo, and matching domain ( too.

Shoreline Club Renamed to Beachside Billy

Beachside Billy's Banner Ad

With many changes and much hustle and bustle from teens, families, and college students visiting in droves, a few office mates and I ventured over for lunch to see what all the buzz was about.

It was then we noticed a slew of events for the month of June and July.  Posters  with event listings were at every corner. The most prominent event listing at the time we visited was “Billy’s Beach Bash”.

Beachside Billy's Bash

This appeared to be an summer music event geared to offer a night of Austin’s best and most entertaining cover bands.

This was also one of the first times I paid attention to seeing and making a mental note to visit  once I was back in front of a web browser.

Improvements are good, but how was lunch?

Nevertheless, my lunch buds and I took a stroll around the place and was glad to see improvements being made. Along the stroll, I was also glad to spot a few domains.

As we walked towards to the bar area to place our lunch orders, I noticed an ad on a telephone pole using a .com address. Turns outs that is being used by Eco Safe WasterWater Technologies. is a good and better domain to brand than attempting to say and spell such a long company name. The only thing I would change about their sticker ad is making the domain bigger for legibility purposes.

As we placed our orders and waited for food to arrive, I spotted double-decker party barges down by the water at the VIP Marina.

VIP Marina

As I made my way toward the beach and barges, I noticed with a phone number underneath it on each barge’s slide.

This is great domain use and use of slide space to advertise and market more business.

People are more likely to remember the domain name when they’re having fun sliding and splashing around in water.

And before we knew it, our food had arrived hot off the grill as I made my way back into the bar area.

Nevertheless, I was impressed with service at Beachside Billy’s and the food hit the spot too!

And if that wasn’t enough for me, I got one more domain gift when talking with one of the managers as we ate.

I didn’t think much of it as we each asked questions about upcoming plans for the place and how new ownership came across the place to begin with.

Beachside Billy's Bar

As the manager answered our questions, he turned his head and on the side of his glasses read the following domain:

Beachside Billy's Bar Manager

I perceived the message to be associated to eye care or disease. Well, I was far off as he explained to me he had received the glasses from a friend of his who received them as a giveaway via a LGBT bike race event.

The glasses were sponsored by Gilead Sciences, Inc. to bring awareness to helping stop and prevent the HIV virus.

And of course, you know me by now, I visited the website out when I got back.  It’s actually a well put together website with a trove of insight about Stop The Virus. I encourage you to take look and read.

All things good do come to and end…

We finished our lunch and strolled back over to the office to finish up the work day.

As we did, vehicles started piling in to kickoff their weekend of summer fun in the sun.

If you haven’t been lately or ever to Volente Beach, then I encourage and invite you to stop by. You’ll be in for a treat with all the new and great changes that are being made.

In fact, you’ll want to mark your calendars throughout July for Jaws On The Water!

Well, back on the grind I go. Cheers and see you around Beachside Billy’s… 😉

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