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Having lived in the same neighborhood for a little over a decade, I’ve had the pleasure of watching a developed neighborhood of original or second homeowners age transfer ownership to newly married couples or early-stage families of little ones.

When my wife and I moved in, we were the only young couple for about 3 years until others started making their way into one of the hottest areas and real estate markets in Northwest Austin.

While I never paid much attention to the traffic patterns when we first moved in, that all changed when we brought home our oldest child, and certainly changed when he was a bit more mobile and could play in the front yard.

As with many things in life, you likely don’t notice certain things in life until it becomes apart of your journey. I never paid attention to how fast cars would make their way through the neighborhood.

But with three kiddos under the age of 6, what I once never considered is now a critical thought pattern of my life to protect not only my kids, but our village of children now spread across 10 households.

I was reminded of this as familiar red and white signage pops up in yards covering a 1-mile radius of where we live.

Drive Like Your Kids Live Here

If you have not heard or seen such signage, then allow me to introduce you to the company on a mission to provide a safer environment for children and all pedestrians: Drive Like Your Kids Live Here.

Signs like the one above as well as a few others are doing their best to alert and slow down aggressive and distracted drivers in our neighborhoods to prevent unnecessary injuries and deaths.

With nearly 150 people moving to Austin on a daily, Austin is one of the nation’s fastest growing cities, and likely with that number also increases the number of aggressive and distracted drivers due to much of Austin being landlocked and traffic infrastructure challenges out of this world.

And while you may think that a sign can’t or won’t change much, I’ve been throughly please to discover folks observing our yard signs, slowing down as well as coming to a complete stop unlikely “California rolling stoppers”.

And while is a long 6-word .com domain, it’s certainly memorable and a great domain to have branded.

Not only does the company offer children signage, but they also offer a variety of creative high-quality products promoting safe and conscientious driving practices to alert motorists of pets too.

Before discovering each sign was branded with a 6-word .com domain name, I originally attempted to find pedestrian signage on Amazon (see image at beginning of post).

Check out their online store today, and help to make the streets we drive and live on a safer environment for children and all pedestrians.

Thanks and that’s all for now.

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