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Just wanted to share an interesting domain usage I recently spotted.

I happened to be traveling to Houston for work when I spotted a billboard for an Austin-based attorney.

I just had to pull over when I saw the billboard. In my opinion, this attorney hit the nail on the head with how he chose to advertise his domain.

The attorney I speak of is Ted Lorenz. He’s the founding partner of Austin-based Lorenz & Lorenz, LLP, a personal injury law firm with a focus on auto and truck accident cases.

Lorenz’s billboard ad had a white canvas-like background with was a picture of this attorney on one side and his domain name white text prominently placed in the middle of a black rounded border rectangle.

His billboard ad text stated exactly what I was thinking and feeling at the moment I saw it centered above the domain name: It’s Just That Easy.

I couldn’t agree more, or is it could? We’ll go with couldn’t because nothings left in the tank. 😉

Austin-based Lorenz & Lorenz

Now, I know your thinking, what is he talking about being just that easy, right?

Really, I believe it’s just that easy to secure the right domain name to drive more qualified sales for your local business.

I can’t attest to how well he does at doing his job and protecting his clients, but I can attest to the fact that his advertising is short and to the point.

The reason I state this is because of two additional incidents that happened once I arrived home the same day, later that evening.

As usual, I get in front of a web browser and type in the domain to see where it leads too. That’s just what I did with LorenzAndLorenz.com.

Then I was quite surprised with what my eyes saw. The domain LorenzAndLorenz.com redirected to AustinAccidentAttorney.com.

This action alone further backed up my claim of “It’s Just That Easy” to secure the right domain name for your business.

The importance behind this is that no other law firm can make such a claim using AustinAccidentAttorney.com.

In addition, what added to my excitement was watching the news and seeing the following ad appear.

Best Austin Accident Attorney

Mr. Lorenz may or may not know it, but he’s cemented himself and his business as a credible personal injury law firm using AustinAccidentAttorney.com as it’s primary digital presence.

Now you might say, but why use LorenzAndLorenz.com when AustinAccidentAttorney.com is the website? Well, I’m glad you asked.

In short, and I don’t know this to be the truth but it’s a guess, Lorenz could be measuring ROI and ad effectiveness by measuring the number of domain redirects when someone types in LorenzAndLorenz.com and is redirected to AustinAccidentAttorney.com.

Can’t speak for Ted, but I know that’s exactly how I would use LorenzAndLorenz.com.

And if I didn’t use LorenzAndLorenz.com as a redirect, I’d execute purchasing and redirecting the following geo service domain strategy with a focus on the keywords of “personal injury”, “accident attorney” and “accident lawyers” for the greater Austin metro and surrounding cities:

At the time of this posting, that’s 38 of out 45 geo service domains that are available for personal injury attorneys and lawyers in the greater Austin metro and surrounding cities to hand register.

Literally, one attorney or lawyer could shut the door on their competition by registering all 38 domains at this very moment.

Answer this question for me: Is it better for you to own the domains or your competition? Seriously, think about that question for minute and do the math.

What will cost you more in the long run? After all, buying and renewing 38 domains a year is roughly $15 per domain for an approximate total of $600.

This is just an approximate total because your domain registrar is likely to give you a discount for buying bulk domains. If they don’t, then you need to ask for the discount or change domain registrars.

So a mere $600 per year investment, that’s all. How many cases would you have to win to pay for 38 domain names a year to make this payoff?

I don’t know what percentage of a case an attorney is privy too, but let’s just say it’s 20 percent. What is 20 percent of the amount shown in the image below? Exactly!

Ted Lorenz - Austin Accident Attorney

Again, is it more costly for you to own the domains or not own the domains?

Hat’s off to Lorenz & Lorenz for not letting ego get in the way of migrating from using LorenzAndLorenz.com to using AustinAccidentAttorney.com.

I’m certain this investment has paid off in spades, and should it not, the virtual real estate in owning AustinAccidentAttorney.com is like owning the oceanfront real estate.

What industry-specific domains are you allowing to sit quietly, awaiting a savvy owner to stake their claim to a windfall of business?

P.S. And if you’re not an attorney or lawyer, then what’s stopping you from flipping and developing geo service domains for your particular market? 😉

Alvin Brown
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