Fourth of July Family Pictures and a Few Domains

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Of course, it was a bright and early here in Austin, Texas, and the House of Brown has beat the sun up for a fun and exciting day.

That’s right, we took family pictures to celebrate the 4th of July, birthdays for boy #2 and girl (born the same day two years apart, turning 3 and 1 respectively), and simply another family milestone.

We loaded up and headed to Buda, Texas just 20 minutes south of Austin.

Our destination for family pics, Buda’s Historic Stagecoach Park, was chosen by a longtime family friend, Hanna Mac Photography.

She’s captured every milestone from engagement to this photoshoot, excluding our wedding which we couldn’t twist her arm to do.

Nevertheless, we arrived at the Historic Stagecoach Park (next door to Willie’s Joint) without incident.

The weather was somewhat okay, yet muggy or humid.

Historic Stagecoach Park - Buda Texas

Willie's Joint

We started out great, snapping pics of the entire family, and then of our princess.

And just as we thought we were on a role without a breakdown or whimper, boy #2 completely broke down in tears, causing our baby girl to lose it as well (see image).

House of Brown July 4th Family Pics

There goes the neighborhood and photoshoot down the drain, so we thought.

Fortunately, we were able to recover after a 15 minute break that included cookies and juice boxes for everyone. Thank goodness!

We were able to finish the shoot without another whimper and breakdown until we loaded up to head back home.

I’ll have to write another post once we receive the photo library from the shoot in a few weeks.

In other news, I did manage to capture a few domains as we arrived and exited the park.

Upon entering the park, I saw a good geo service domain for a contracting company using

Buda Texas Contractor

Apparently, the ongoing work within the park has been contracted to Central Texas Building Services (CTBS).

I really like the use of as their web presence as opposed to the longer company name, which is 28 characters long and about 10 more characters than I like domains to be.

Although Buda is less than 10K in population, should serve CTBS well for years to come as Buda grows and expands as the southern tip of the Austin metro.

Of course, I visited their website and it’s decent for a small city contractor. It could be better from an overall design and experience aspect, but they have a web presence and it is web responsive using Duda Mobile.

And yes, I did a bit of searching to see if other geo service domains are available. Not only is it good to own, but surrounding cities and variations too.

Here’s what I found (* denotes available at time of post):

As you can see above, there are a quite of few companies registering geo service domains for contracting in the greater Austin Metro area.

I didn’t list all of the cities (hint hint: Round Rock, Cedar Park, Georgetown, Lakeway, Pflugerville, Leander, etc), but I encourage CTBS or other local contracting companies to purchase available geo service domains.

You’re likely wondering what happens after purchasing, especially if you already have a primary website, right? That’s an easy answer: domain redirect.

If you don’t have a web presence for your company, then develop one using the best-fit geo service domain. For secondary domain purchases, I encourage to redirect or build out Google-safe microsite respectively.

Many business owners don’t realize they’re leaving the door open to competition by not owning geo service domains even when their company is named differently.

However, I always pose the following question to business owners:

Is it more costly and damaging for your business to own secondary domains, or your competition?

And moments later, a credit card is out, purchasing and taking domains off the market.

Business owners also stumble upon secondary domains being an inexpensive way to grow the business when compared to other marketing and advertising options.

One reason secondary domains are inexpensive is due to type-in traffic. That’s right, sometimes potential customers are typing in keyword and appending .com to the end to see where it takes them.

Now do you see and understand the importance of owning and redirecting secondary domains?

Then, what are you waiting for? Stop reading, and start researching and securing domains for your business.

I hope you have a Happy 4th of July!

P.S.  We also encountered a very clever billboard advertising for an employment software screening company:  Sorry it’s a bit hard to read due to the sun.

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