Generating business before, during, and after rolling blackouts with a geo service domain

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It’s another day here in the great metropolis of Austin, Texas, also known as Hill Country.   And it’s that time of the year where the sun is brutal on everyone and everything crazy enough to challenge it.

I was recently reminded of the increased sweltering heat as I sat outside a Starbucks meeting with and assisting a customer with their search marketing efforts for their website.

So much so that I begin craving for a pool and good ole’ AC.  Regardless, the thermometer here in Texas is ALWAYS inching its way just north of the high 90’s and consistently.

Not only is the temp going up, but our summer utility bills often times act as if they’re in an arms race to orbit and reach Mars first, leaving winter bills a distant memory of the past.

Summers in Texas are brutal on the grid and bank account

Needless to say, summer’s in Texas are scorching hot and can be quite expensive.  In fact, we’ve experienced a number of rolling blackouts over the past few summers due to high consumption of the grid at peak hours across a vast number of Texas cities.

In an attempt to avoid a total blackout of the power grid at large, rolling blackouts are response to the demands for electricity exceeding the grid’s power supply capable and available at the moment of impact.

With Austin as one of Texas’ top cities growing daily at a net of ~115 persons, we experience consecutive 100-degree plus summer days of possible rolling blackout warnings about the power grid.

To offset rolling blackouts and electrical outages in general, a number of us Austin locals invest our hard earned dollars into generators of all shapes and sizes, where and when affordable.

Let me be the first to say that it’s no fun to have the power grid trip at any point during the day or for extended periods of time.

Generating business with an electrifying geo service domain

In fact, I was reminded of a company that I encountered two different times while out and about in Austin running errands.

The first time I encountered this company I was washing my old school 1977 Caprice at a drive through car wash.

As I exited the wash and creeped past the blowers air drying my land yacht, I noticed a bunch of magnetic ads fixed to what appeared to be a transformer or possibly a generator itself.  But one ad stuck out to me more than others as you can see below:

Austin Generator Services

Talk about the perfect name for a company and service to brand.  As usual, I snapped a pic of the find. That was all the time I had this specific day in pursuing my new found domain of a gem.

It wasn’t until sitting outside Starbucks at a customer meeting that I encountered one of their vehicle advertisements and was reminded of my carwash experience.

Austin, Texas - Residential, Commercial and Portable Generator Services

Personally, their vehicle wrap adhered to my ad guidelines for auto wraps.  The only change I’d likely make is opting for bigger text advertising of the domain itself.  The domain name really says it all:

Of course,  this I time decided to crack open a browser and explore a bit.  I ventured over to a well-designed website that is responsive in interface and experience while matching the design and hues of the auto wrap.

I was impressed by a website that conveyed simple, yet necessary details of their residential, commercial and portable generator products and services tailored to suit one’s needs and desire to affordably guard against power outages.

But of course, with a domain like, I couldn’t stop at the domain or website itself.  I did a bit more research to see if other companies have taken advantage of using similar geo service domains for the greater Austin metroplex. 

Here’s what I found at the time of this writing (* denotes domain available):

Why wait when you can snag undervalued domains early?

As you can see above, there quite a few domains in this sample list that are available at hand-registration prices, meaning you’re not asked to pay an exuberant amount of money.  If you don’t believe me, then I invite you to review

At the time of this writing, it’s asking price is currently at $2,195.  So again, why wait to pay 100 times a domain’s reg-fee value when you can purchase low and early?

Even if you decide not to develop chosen domains as a primary or secondary web presences for your business and someone else, having these domains in your possession are likely to provide lead generation opportunities through domain redirection.

I personally own 50+ (and counting) different search marketing and marketing domain names that I’ve purchased via expired domain auctions or simply hand-regged for $10-$15 annually.

I easily redirect the domains to my primary website, and use Google Analytics to track and determine their effectiveness in driving web traffic and overall business.

So, what are you waiting for?  Sure, you may or may not be in the business of generators, but why not apply the same knowledge to your given industry? 

Again, what are you waiting on?

Keep waiting and you’ll likely find your business on wrong side of the desired domain you wished to have purchased for pennies on the dollar. 😉

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