Is GoDaddy driving traffic to with it’s new idea?

GoDaddy Flare - Where great ideas gather
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In the latest tech and small biz news, I recently saw GoDaddy launched a new mobile app aimed at helping people to vet their ideas for business.

GoDaddy’s calling this new and FREE community for sharing and rating business ideas Flare, and making it available via mobile app ONLY.  

If you’re an Android user, you’ll have to wait for the June release.  iOS is ready for download.

How does Flare work? Think of this app as a cross between Shark Tank, LinkedIn and Tinder.  

GoDaddy Flare AppIt actually reminds me of the Hot or Not website, where one would rate the attractiveness of photos.  Instead of people, it’s business ideas.

And if your idea is not rated well and garner enough support, then your idea disappears from the app within a 24-hour period.

In my opinion, GoDaddy’s acting as the platform with Flare, and allowing business advisers and emerging entrepreneurs a quick and easy method for vetting business ideas and concepts.

This social, community-driven approach seems like a loss leader for GoDaddy in an effort to drive more business in domain and website product purchases.  

It seems that GoDaddy is following the big trend of services focusing entirely on the mobile experience.

What’s more interesting to me is the fact that GoDaddy choose the name Flare and used a subdomain to introduce the app.

But like most people, when I hear the name of a product, I’m inclined to open a browser and type the name of the product followed by .com.

I did this for GoDaddy’s Flare and arrived at an online magazine site about fashion, beauty, culture and cooking.

Hmm, I wonder how much traffic GoDaddy is sending, rather losing to people knowing the name of the new service and appending .com to it?

How could they have not have chosen another name with the matching .com domain name available for registration?

Owning the .com of your product seems like marketing and advertising 101, and possibly a huge mistake or miscue on GoDaddy’s part.

After all, they are the one’s pushing and promoting domain names, right?

Well, only time will tell whether or not it was a good choice to name a product after a domain name in the ownership and operation of another company.

What you launch a product if you knew some other business owned and operating the matching domain name?

Alvin Brown
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