GoDaddy is “fee-lying and purring” in Cats With Hats campaign.

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I received an email as well as saw a few posts on Twitter about GoDaddy’s latest and newest marketing campaign: Go You. GoDaddy.

As for the new “Go You” campaign, which GoDaddy was wise enough to purchase and redirect it to it’s main website, GoDaddy’s focus is on helping it’s target market achieve the following:

  • Get started with a business
  • Attract and retain customers
  • Stay organized while growing

Go You. We Know You Can. GoDaddy.

It’ll be interesting to watch in time to see if this new campaign resonates with soloprenuers, entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Honestly, I knew something was up with GoDaddy only because in recent weeks the UI/UX changes that I’ve experienced logging into my account.

Some were good changes, while others made no sense at

One of the most prominent changes is the bolding of the GoDaddy logo. Good by, farewell to the wiggly lines in the old logo and the moniker “It’s Go Time”.

Remember GoDaddy’s Puppets By Gwen Super Bowl Commercial?

Gwen is pursuing her dream
As for this latest GoDaddy campaign, the ad and marketing collateral is somewhat reminiscent of the Puppets By Gwen Super Bowl campaign a few years back.

Speaking of Puppets By Gwen, I’ve not heard much about whether or not it was a success for both Gwen and GoDaddy.

I would assume it was a success for Gwen as she’s still operating the website.

I just hope it’s a profitable success as it was a real business unlike GoDaddy’s newest campaign spotlighting felines, via fictitious Cat Hat Business, and why American Theater is DEAD!

GoDaddy's Cats With Hats Campaign

What does American Theater have to do with Cats With Hats?

The new campaign introduces us to and, and it’s cat-hat master and awkward personality Johanna.

Johanna's Cats With Hats. GoDaddy.

I really can’t do it justice to explain her awkwardness, so you’ll just have to watch the video below.

A few things I take away from this video and campaign

It’s a mind play. Personally, it makes my ideas shine brighter when I think about Johanna’s business, and who she is as a person. Quite clever on behalf of GoDaddy to position this message.

It’s that message of “If she out of all people can launch a business, then SURELY I CAN DO IT TOO!” that makes one think it’s as easy as a few clicks and my business is online and gaining customers.

I’m more interested in seeing whether or not this new marketing campaigns drives new customers and increase existing customer services.

The latter is less likely but the former could prove to be a goldmine for GoDaddy’s small business services and products.

We’ll see how many lives this marketing campaign has and consumes.

It will either live or, as expressed like Johanna, “die like American Theater.”

P.S. Notice how GoDaddy is pushing .com and not a new extension. Those new extensions must not be “Fee-lying” off the shelves as fast as many first thought. 😉

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