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New Music Co-op's Bound Together in Austin, Texas
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While grabbing a bite to eat with a partner, catching up on business and personal updates, yesterday, I stumbled upon an interesting domain sighting for an Austin-based organization dedicated to increasing awareness and understanding new music since 2001.

This renown non-profit organization’s, New Music Co-op, poster likely wouldn’t have caught my eye as not much stuck out about it to me except for their domain using the .coop extension.

For real, I thought their poster was a a domain typo, having not known .coop is a bonafide domain extension. ?

And come to find out per, .coop is supposedly the only domain reserved for cooperatives and cooperative organizations and is managed by DotCooperation LLC — jointly owned by the National Cooperative Business Association (NCBA CLUSA) and The International Cooperative Alliance (ICA), non-profit organizations charged with the developing the global cooperative movement.

As for New Music Co-op (NMC), they’re branding NewMusic.Coop as their digital presence — having also used as their primary domain — to support a growing grass roots community made up of composers and performers from the Austin area.

NMC Presents: Bound Together

From what I could gather from their poster, the NMC is due to present a night of music entitled Bound Together — music for 24 piece string orchestra — tonight at 8PM in the University of Texas at Austin’s Jessen Auditorium.

This event is to showcase new music by Baldwin, Stoltz, & Weller with specialist guest violinist Sara Sasaki and special choral appearance by Panoramic Voices.

It should make for an interesting night for new music enthusiasts and hobbyists of the orchestra sound.

Well, it’s an hour til’ showtime, and you still have a chance to make it should you hurry. ?

That’s not all that’s happening in Austin this weekend.  The Austin Playhouse — branding itself using a local geo service domain and match for its brand: — is also presenting the world premiere Monroe by Lisa B. Thompson.

Monroe by Playwright Lisa B Thompson

Monroe explores how the threat and aftermath of racial terror dominates the psyches of young African Americans, while offering hope for a better future.

Having debuted shows since September 7th, tomorrow is the last day to catch this play set in rural Louisiana during the Great Migration.

Well, that’s all for now!  Enjoy!

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