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While the 100+ degree temperatures here in Texas say otherwise, summer is nearing an end as kids head back to school.

The House of Brown certainly had a jam-packed summer of trips to Typhoon Texas, Fort Worth Zoo, Disney World in Florida, and Asheville, North Carolina.

Between all the fun and memories made, I managed to capture a few interesting domain names being used, especially those used by churches.

I was reminded of the various domain sightings as I cleaned, organized, and deleted my phone’s photos in preparation for back to school.

What actually sparked the “digital cleaning” was watching Elevation’s online service and seeing the various domains used throughout their broadcast.

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Knowing that is the primary website for Elevation, having the matching .com redirect to the .org, I was most surprised to discover Elevation promoting the use of

The .cc extension is a ccTLD for the Australian territory Cocos (Keeling) Islands. As it’s quite common for ccTLDs to be repurposed beyond the country they represent, the .cc extension has thought to be used and preferred by cricket and cycling clubs, as well as churches and Christian organizations — abbreviation for “Christian Church” or “Catholic Church.”

As of late, there are a few cryptocurrency startups attempting to brand and adopt the .cc extension as the extension of choice for their crypto startup.

Nevertheless, Elevation’s broadcasting of was the first time I’d witnessed a church in a long while, especially a megachurch the size of Elevation, promoting a .cc domain.

But it certainly wasn’t the only domain extension Elevation Church promotes. One of the most common that is often displayed and promoted is the use of Elevation.Online.

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In addition, having recently attended their Asheville campus with my wife as we attended and participated in a domain investing meetup, I discovered they also promote several different events using several different domain extensions.

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Elevation church is certainly a forward-thinking church when it comes to investing and harnessing the power of technology to share its ministry with the world.

Many will argue that managing and operating so many domains is laborious and not worth the effort. However, I can ensure that Elevation Church and other churches executing the same strategy are quite clear on what online and offline outreach strategies and campaigns are the most impactful based on measuring the engagement of each domain use.

Every church should be willing to investigate how to invest in and develop domain names to further their reach and cause for existence beyond their local four-wall reach.

We no longer live in a world bound by the four walls of a place of worship. For better and worse, technology is bringing us closer together, with domains playing a mission-critical role in this reality.

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