How .pharmacy aims to clearly identify safe and legal online pharmacies and resources.

.pharmacy domains - safer purchase of prescriptions
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The last two weeks of 2019, especially today — Dec. 31st, is the most TV I’ll watch all year long, specifically college football bowl games.

I’ve seen a plethora of domain names during games and commercials, mostly .com domain names advertising the bowl itself or sponsors and advertisers.

While I rarely sit through the commercials, I spotted an interesting domain extension that I hadn’t seen before: .pharmacy.

It was a quick 15-second commercial highlighting the Safe.Pharmacy website as the go-to source for verifying pharmacies to purchase online prescriptions safely.

I couldn’t find the video that aired.  This is likely because the video is a newly created commercial for a specific airing during bowl season. Below is an old video commercial that aired back in 2015:


Nevertheless, I ventured over to the Safe.Pharmacy website, and I clicked around until I stumbled upon NABP.Pharmacy.

Safe.Pharmacy - Your Resource for Safe Pharmacy


What does NABP.Pharmacy provide as overseer of .pharmacy domains?

The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy has a fully developed website via NABP.Pharmacy — a website dedicated to pharmacy licensure, examination, and accreditation.

This website also provides insight about their .Pharmacy Verified Websites Program (Safe.Pharmacy website) — a verification program that grants the use of the .pharmacy domain for safe and legal websites.

The NABP’s Verified Pharmacy Program (VPP) is a 60-120 day, 4-step process with strict policy adherence that costs anywhere between $2,250 to $8,000.

Between the NABP overseeing the .pharmacy extension as the registry and the cost of the .pharmacy verification and licensure process, these factors certainly exclude domain investors from .pharmacy speculating.

Per, there are 556 domains registered since January 2015, with 531 in the Zonefile and 237 domains parked (just over 40%). - .pharmacy registration statistics


As for bonafide pharmacies seeking to apply for .pharmacy verification, such a costly extension sets one’s pharmacy head and shoulders above the rest in credibility and hopefully safety.

What companies are actively using .pharmacy domains?

If you’re like me and wondering who might use .pharmacy domains, then check this list out:

The Board of Pharmacy, the oldest professional licensing board in New Jersey, redirects to the pharmacy section of

Minnesota Board of Pharmacy redirects to its .gov domain.

Coupons.Pharmacy is a developed website dedicated to pharmacy discounts and coupons.

ABC-Pharmacy redirects ABC.Pharmacy to — interesting to see as the web address yet as the email address.

MetroHealth Pharmacy has fully developed MetroHealth.Pharmacy.

Brown’s Pharmacy has fully developed Browns.Pharmacy.

Longs Drugs redirects Longs.Pharmacy to redirects to fully developed AllyScripts.Pharmacy.

Pharmacy College Application Service uses PharmCAS.Pharmacy as a redirect to you uses as a redirect to a customized welcome landing page — likely used to measure the effectiveness of the domain.

Based in Peachland, British Columbia, Okanagan Pharmacy Remedy’s Rx has a fully developed website using Online.Pharmacy.

GoodRx, Inc. redirects to — a website for AAA member discounts for exclusive prescription savings.

Citizen Pharmacy redirects Citizen.Pharmacy to, which interestingly enough displays as its contact email address.

What major brands are actively using .pharmacy domains?

Major brands companies making use of .pharmacy domains: uses FarmVet.Pharmacy as a redirect to uses Horse.Pharmacy as a redirect to

Dog.Pharmacy redirects to the Dogs section of the Heartland Veterinary Supply and Pharmacy company’s website: (also known to use

Chewy uses Chewy.Pharmacy as a redirect to the pharmacy section of

1-800-PetMeds uses 1800PetMeds.Pharmacy as a redirect to

Iodine uses Iodine.Pharmacy as a redirect to

Costco uses Costco.Pharmacy as a redirect to the pharmacy section of

Tom Thumb uses TomThumb.Pharmacy as a redirect to the pharmacy section of

Kroger uses Kroger.Pharmacy as a redirect to the pharmacy section of

Safeway uses Safeway.Pharmacy as a redirect to the pharmacy section of

Walmart uses Walmart.Pharmacy as a redirect to the pharmacy section of

Walmart uses WalmartPetRX.Pharmacy as a redirect to

Sam’s Club uses SamsClub.Pharmacy, redirecting to the domain, specifically to the Pharmacy, Health & Beauty.

View the .Pharmacy Verified Websites List

What companies in Austin are actively using .pharmacy domains?

In addition, I also discovered a few companies based in Austin, Texas making use of .pharmacy domains:

Austin Compounding Pharmacy has fully developed AustinCompounding.Pharmacy.

Grand Ave Pharmacy redirects GrandAve.Pharmacy to, which, interestingly enough, displays as its contact email address.

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