Into The Spider Verse On The Big Screen Christmas

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Life is funny, to say the least. Prior to being married and having kids, my wife and I could tell you the latest movies to hit the big screen. We were frequent movie goers always game for a weekly date night at the movies.

Fast forward eight almost nine years into marriage with 3 kiddos in tow, and trying to make it to the movies is a modern day circus. And don’t ask what movie we’re going to view, because we all know its going to be rate G for our little people’s eyes and ears.

Speaking of little people, our oldest son has his eyes on counting down to his birthday now that we’re well inside of 60 days and counting.

He’s come to life in the last few days realizing his birthday is on the way. Although he doesn’t ask for much, his desire this year is to have a movie date with friends from soccer and school.

Of course, well aware that cartoon-based movies inject adult humor, I’m a bit apprehensive about his latest movie selection — Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse — due to hit the big screen worldwide December 14th.

While we’ve agreed to allowing him to have a movie party, I expressed that I would have to screen the movie prior to him and friends going to view it — imagine being the parent now when at one time I so despised my parents for such nonsense when I was under age.

Oh how times change when the child becomes the parent decades later. Nevertheless, my wife sent me a link to the movie trailer. The trailer — as always is the case — certainly appeals to both kids and adults for some of the same reasons many of the movies in the same genre have over the last 20 years and counting.

Nevertheless, what surprised me the most about the trailer was the very end of it when I spotted a .movie domain used to advertise it: IntoTheSpiderVerse.Movie.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

This is not the first .movie address I’ve stumbled upon in our infrequent movie visits, and likely not the last based on the growing number of movie trailers donning .movie domains.

For persons into domain investing, don’t interpret this publication as a license to start investing in flipping new top-level domains, especially .movie domains.

Because while there are .movie domains, there are also .film domains that movie industry and emerging film professionals are embracing and experimenting with to promote their projects..

While it’s enticing to think you may be able to capture a percentage of box office sales leasing and selling new top-level domains, it’s likely not a lucrative opportunity at all.

You could very well lose your clothes, automobile and house doing so, and we’ve all seen that movie a time or two in the domain industry. Well, that’s all for now…

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