Just a Graze Away From Healthy Snacks

Healthy Variety Snacks with Graze.com
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I was watching television with my littles this morning, and an interesting commercial came on between cartoon episodes about a healthy snack subscription.

I wasn’t really intrigued with the commercial until I saw the same of the snack subscription and it’s domain name.

The domain name, although not very visible via the commercial (as you can see below), chosen for this snack subscription services is very fitting: Graze.com.

Don't Just Snack, Graze!

It’s short and memorable, and easy brand because of its natural definition of eating.  Instead of eating grass as animals would, graze has been rebranded for healthy snacks.

What’s more interesting is that there is a range of over 100 delicious snacks to chose from, including an intelligently designed algorithm to customize each box specifically for a person.

In addition to your chosen snack subscriptions, you’ll also gain access to the latest snack creations by others.

Not only are Graze snacks healthy, but apparently they taste great even with the most stringent nutritionist approved health badges of the following:

  • No genetically engineered (GM) ingredients
  • No artificial flavors or colors
  • No high fructose corn syrup
  • No trans fats

Graze.com Box Design and PackagingIt’s simply a point, click, order and wait for delivery of your well-packaged and designed box of 8 tasty snacks.

I can speak enough about the importance of a high quality product, design, packaging and name.

Even if I don’t order from Graze, I was able to understand what they provide based on a short 20 second commercial via their company’s name and domain name: Graze.com.

Think about it.  What word, if any, comes to mind to be a formidable opponent to Graze.com?

Graze.com TV Ad Promotion

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