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Sunshades Window Tinting in Austin, Texas
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Well, it’s been one of those kind of weeks for the House of Brown. Everything is good, yet the journey to arrive a good a bit challenging and rewarding in the same breath.

Austin has certainly has its fair share of rain this week, seeing the Texas Highland Lakes all reach or surpass flood stage.

I can stand the rain, I’m not much of a fan for it being cold and wet. Temperatures dropped earlier this week to mid 40’s, and I know this because my daily driver — 1977 Caprice Classic — let me know by not starting.

While I love her and drive her daily, I had to seriously consider the value in having a reliable vehicle that’ll start rain, sun, sleet or snow.

Not really in the market for a car, as our family is not big on debt, I was fortunate to have found a 3-year old Honda Accord — basic Sedan EX-L with 4-cylinder engine — with 20K miles on it with unbelievable “steal-of-a-deal” pricing to match.

About the only thing the car didn’t have was tinted windows. So, in an effort to prepare for the brutal heat that inevitably arrives every year for 8-9 months out of a year, I took to the web to find a local window tinting company.

And in short order, I found two companies roughly 5-10 minutes from our home in Northwest Austin. While both companies have produced high-quality outcomes, I decided to go with Sunshades Window Tinting.

And although I took to the web, what really tilted my final decision was the fact that I’ve passed their building a number of times and seen their truck with memorable domains advertised.

In addition to other factors, you ought to know by now that I consider a business or person’s domain for their business as a critical factor for whether or not I choose to do business with them.

While the other company is a national brand, I decided to stay local and support a local Austin company rocking as it’s digital presence brand.

Sunshades Window Tinting - Northwest Austin

I really like as a digital presence because it’s not an exact-match domain, but a geo brandable domain. If you don’t know, Google really likes companies and websites that use brandable domains.

It doesn’t mean that exact-match or partial-match domains will not work for search, it simply means that don’t possess the search power to top the charts as they once did prior to Google’s EMD Update.

Nevertheless, search ranking today has way more to do with the quality of the content than simply a domain. A domain does help though. But I digress.

I was impressed with Sunshades Window Tinting as they got me in and out within a matter of hours and not days. In addition to pricing and delivery of service, I was also pleased with how modern and tidy their facilities were. - Audio and Video

Austin Window Tint Options Office and Showroom Floor

Not only do the offer window tinting services, but they also specialize in vehicle audio and video services too.

Discovering their ancillary offerings upon my arrival to the shop, I also discovered the use of a secondary domain via a wrapped truck ad:

Wrapped truck ad:

While I’m glad to discover companies advertising a secondary domain via a vehicle wrap, I wasn’t impressed with the domain name that Sunshades Window Tinting chose to advertise as well the location on the truck in which they did.

I suggest advertising a domain, especially when it’s a truck the size of the one above, above the tailgate emblem as well as on each side of the truck, likely camel casing two or more word domains.

Interesting enough, I thought or (YES, both are available to register at time of publication) would be more appropriate and easier to remember than

In addition, I performed a few more domain searches and found the following (* denotes domain is available for registration at time of publication):

Many of the aforementioned domains are available for registration, but I wouldn’t recommend using any of them due to brand dilution and confusion.

But make no mistake about it, I do suggest giving Sunshades Window Tinting a call to schedule your next window tint, or audio/video appointment.

I was pleased with their service as I aimed to keep my car cool from the brutal summer heat of Texas! ?

Thanks Sunshades Window Tinting, and that’s all for now!

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