A Local Austin-based Home Builder Finds Value and Power in a Domain Name

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It’s been a while since my last post local market businesses using domains to crush the competition.

I’m quite excited to share with you a recent Austin business I found that “gets it” and an article that brought it all home for businesses needing to solidify their presence on the web.

I stumbled across Ali Zandi’s most recent blog post, A Letter to Companies Without a Premium Domain. WHEN, not if, you get a minute, take a minute to read and share with fellow business owners.

In short, Ali, a domain industry veteran, expresses and shares the downfall of companies not owning a premium domain.

Before you check on Ali and I with the excuse of not having money to buy a domain, give some thought to how your company spends its marketing dollars in an effort to increase sales and overall business profitability.

If you’re a local business, in most cases, there’s not one excuse as to why you can’t own a premium domain for your local market specifically.

In fact, the very domain you need is simply either a mere $15 away, or a few hundred or thousand away from transforming your business into a digital powerhouse.

Austin-based Home Builder “gets it”

Which brings me to today’s business. I was traveling from Liberty Hill, Texas back into Austin when I approached what looked to be a billboard. As I passed the sign, I then noticed that it was just that, a sign.

A sign that looked like a billboard that had nothing more than “AustinCustomHomes.com” on one line and a second line with “Custom Home Building, Remodeling and Commercial Construction”.

That’s all it had on and, in my opinion, that’s all I needed to know. The sign was perfectly raised and placed alongside the highway for those passing by to see and easily read. What a great and easy domain to remember.

What impressed me more was when I got home to take a look at the website (see picture below) to find out that the company’s name is Ron Butler Custom Homes. I would have expected that Ron would have used RonButlerHomes.com or RonButlerCustomHomes.com as his business’ digital presence.


I’ve never met Ron Butler and may never meet him, and don’t know the details of how much business he’s doing, but I’m certain he’ll be in business for quite some time, should it hinge on his company’s domain name.

I love it when a business owner understands the importance of a domain name and branding it as their company, regardless of their company’s name. There are many builders in Austin, but ONLY ONE owns the virtual real estate of AustinCustomHomes.com.

Taking one step further to lockout your local market

Now, if Ron Butler Custom Homes really wanted to put a squeeze on the local Austin market and the competition, he could simply purchase the following domains below and have each redirected to AustinCustomHomes.com.

Notice that some of the domains in the list below use the new domain extensions of .house, .builders, .contractors and .xyz. If you’re not familiar with the new domain extensions, read this article.

The domain names above are available for purchase and they are quite inexpensive. If you’re wanting to use a new domain extension, then my suggestion and recommendation is that you purchase the .com address too.

For example, you purchase AustinCustom.House and want to use it as your primary digital presence for your website. Then, I would also purchase and redirect AustinCustomHouse.com to AustinCustom.House. This ensures that anyone that has a freudian slip and types .com will be redirected to your website.

I’m not certain how long it’ll take the new domain extensions to catch on in the general public, but it’s safe to say that you can’t go wrong owning the .com version of your chosen domain when using new domain extensions as your web address.

Another way to look at it is, how much would it cost you in business if the competition own the domains?

Well, that’s all I have for you today. Stay tuned for the next business highlight post. I hope you see the value and power in owning and using the RIGHT domain name for your business.

What are you waiting for? Get out there and secure the RIGHT domain for your business.

Alvin Brown
Alvin is a serial entrepreneur and digital strategist with an avid love for domain name consulting. As the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of DNAdverts.com, his assignment is to ensure business and personal brands don't suffer the consequences of common domain name pitfalls.

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