Memorial Day at Austin’s CapTexTri

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Austin is always bumping and jumping with a host of events.

And don’t think that it being Memorial Day weekend would lessen the list of events around the great ATX.

Speaking of Memorial Day, I hope you and yours remember those who greatly sacrificed their lives so that we could enjoy the freedom to live in a free land.

I’m grateful for the many family members, friends, co-workers, and neighbors who answered the call to serve their country and fellow man.

We didn’t do much per se, but we did support friends participating in Austin’s CapTex Triathlon held at Auditorium Shores in Downtown Austin across from what was once (now defunct).

Although RunTex is now defunct, an apartment complex sits in its place, advertising its poorly chosen domain name:

I could drone on about why this is a poor choice for a domain, but in short, it doesn’t pass the radio or visual test in my opinion.

Nevertheless, I was able to overlook this poor choice and focus on the event at hand. 🙂

CapTexTri was rained out last year and the weather almost tried to repeat this year.  Fortunately, the weather held off for what turned out to be a perfect overcast day for such an event.

Meg’s Tribe was out in full support of our girl, Megan. She biked well, swam well, and ran well with a completion time of just under 3 hours, placing 6th in her group.

Overall, the event was quite fun, and very well attended and supported. In fact, I ran into an ole’ buddy of mine.  He competed and finished too.

I ran into him as I was making my way around the many tents snapping pictures of the various domains used by companies in attendance.

Two of my favorite domains I saw advertised were and

Hydrating CapTexTri Participants Responsibly

I really love do main because of what it advertised: a big water dispenser or a monster water dispenser.

The picture below contains 6 spigots and can hold up to 16,000 ounces or 125 gallons of liquid. Talk about hydrate responsibly when serving large crowds like CapTexTri.

Even more surprising was the fact that when I visited, it redirects to and is operated by H2O Operations, LLC.

I know you’re wondering who owns Well, it is developed but has a focused service offering geared towards portable automated sprinkler systems.

So, is not a bad choice of domain seeing is developed, yet not a competitor of any sort.

Fueling Up With A Perfect Protein

As for, I had a chance to speak with one of the reps in the booth about what a good domain selection I thought represented the company well.

However, when I first encountered and saw only the domain, I initially thought the service offering was about removing stains from tri suits or kits. This is likely due to my inexperience with triathlons in nature.

Nevertheless, I imagine the company likely desired a domain or could put to use a good domain like one of the following:

The available domain names mostly make sense, but pale in comparison to in my opinion. is short, and easy to remember and spell.

Another interesting tidbit about the domain usage of is that when typed into a web browser it forwards to a longer, tongue-twisting domain: Say that fast 5 times.

Again, I prefer due to it being shorter and more easy on the tongue to say and memory to spell.

About the only downside to using is that it could be interpreted as derogatory or racially charged for a racially sensitive mind.

Outside of this one downside, I could find nothing more challenging with its use. Way to go using a good, solid brandable domain

Honorable Domain Mentions from CapTexTri

There were a number of other domains I spotted and encountered while at CapTexTri.

Some of the domains do not come close to passing the radio test at all while others are decent domains, but nothing special to write home about.

Below are a few of the domains I encountered:

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