Music In The Park Finale Tonight ?

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Just East of Austin sits a town closing in fast on a population of 10,000: Elgin, Texas.

Neighboring cities Elgin and Manor are both in fast competition for which city will break the 10K population tape first as the greater Austin metro bursts at its seams with unbelievable population growth — one of the fastest in the nation.

Elgin is known for many things, but one of its brightest spots of glory is its down-home barbecue from Southside Market and Meyer’s.

Another wrinkle about Elgin many don’t know about is its free concert series held every Friday during the month of April.

While waiting at one of a handful of red lights when passing through Elgin on our way to Conroe, I discovered a yard sign advertising “Music in the Park”.

Music In The Park - Elgin, Texas

But truthfully, what caught my eye the most was the domain name in the footer of the advertisement:

Domains, especially geo domains, fascinate me to no end.

This particular domain intrigues me because it’s a “city + abbreviated state” geo domain.

I like the use of this domain because is shorter than — which is registered but not resolving to a website.

Also, there is more than one US state with a city named Elgin which makes owning nearly impossible — not to mention other countries.

In addition, I also researched the availability of the following domains (* denotes available domains at the time of the publication):

  • – registered and resolved to a parked page with links.
  • – registered and resolves to a HTTP Error 503.

And speaking of owning impossible domain names, I discovered is registered and displaying as a premium domain over at GoDaddy for $27,300.

Yep, for the price of a mid-size sedan, can be yours! Or you can simply settle for a night out on the town for some great fun and music provided by the Friends of Elgin Parks.

In fact, the West Soul Collective will be showcased in a few hours. Will you be in attendance?

I won’t be in attendance, but sending well wishes to those of you attending.

That’s all for now, and have a great weekend! ?

Alvin Brown
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