A National fast-food chain effectively using geo brand domains

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I probably shouldn’t indulge in today’s company I’ll soon mention as much and often as I do.

Truth be told, I just love their drinks and desserts.

I’ve been a big fan of this national chain for nearly 20 years and counting.

Heck, my boys are even getting introduced to this brand.

What impressed me most about the brand isn’t it’s food, but how they recently used a geo service domain name at one of its locations here in Austin.

I was quite surprised to see it when I pulled up to order a drink.

Austin Sonic Hiring

And there it was on signage: AustinSonic.com.

It appears that Sonic uses yard signs to promote that they’re hiring and to invite people to apply online.Sonic Austin is Hiring

It’s not too many times you’ll see a business in general use such signage in combination with an effective domain.

In my opinion, I think this is a very clever approach and strategy used by this Sonic at a local and national level.

These signs good for awareness in front of the exact location.

In addition, they are perfect for the overall Sonic brand awareness should they be placed throughout neighborhoods surrounding the respective Sonic location.

Even if Sonic chose to not include the address, they could make use of such signage due to the multiplicity of city names throughout the United States.

Most small businesses and even large brands in likeness to Sonic don’t think to use geo brand domains to their advantage as Sonic has in this case.

So hats off to Sonic, and just maybe this write up might get me a free drink or dessert of my choice. I doubt it, but one never knows. 😀

P.S. Learn more about local domain marketing and geo service domains.

P.S.S.  Too bad I can’t say the same for Best Buy and their horrific hyphenated domain.  🙁

Personally, I suggest Best Buy opts for the following:

  • Jobs.BestBuy.com
  • BestBuyJobs.com
  • BestBuy.com/Jobs

Best Buy Now Hiring

P.S.S.S. And just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse… Wendy’s proved me WRONG with 4AWendysJob.com!

However, I do like their use of TalkToWendys.com, redeeming themselves a small bit.

For a Wendy's Job

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