A Night Out at Mozart’s Christmas Lights

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What a week we had last week when our regularly scheduled Texas weather was interrupted with an early white Christmas for one night.

The snow and ice have long melted, but the ole’ Christmas Spirit is alive and well here in Austin, Texas.

Having a joyous night out at Main Street Bethlehem a few weeks back, my family and I ventured towards Lake Austin to take in the Christmas Light experience Sponsored by Mozart’s and Hula Hut.

Although we had to endure traversing Austin’s treacherous Mopac traffic during the 5 o’clock hour, it was well worth the experience I would soon find out.

And of course, I can’t go anywhere without spotting a domain name of some sort plastered on a vehicle, sign, or building.

As my wife exited 183 towards Mopac, my eyes began burning as I spotted a confusing and ugly domain name on the back of a work truck: Robles1.net.

Although it’s prominently displayed on the truck, I struggled to SEE and understand exactly whether I was viewing an i, l, or 1.

Then add in the fact it’s not a .com domain, nor does it pass the radio test. It pains me to see companies settle to use domains of this caliber to represent their company and digital presence.

To a certain extent (and biased I may be), I don’t care to do business with a company that can’t get something as simple as a domain name right.

Because of their domain selection, I wasn’t too surprised to visit a non-responsive and outdated website for a company offering “leading demolition contracting” services to Texas, Louisiana and New Mexico.

If I were in charge of marketing this company, I recommend re-branding the company to a credible name, or simply drop the 1 and go with Robles.

In fact, below are some of the domain name options available (*) at this very moment. Listed domains, both existing and new domain extensions, are more descriptive of the company while also being search friendly and passing the radio test.

And even if they didn’t decide to move forward with the geo service domains using state names and abbreviations, I still recommend purchasing and using the domains as simple redirects (at least your competition can’t claim ownership to them).

Thank goodness we were exiting towards Mopac as the truck continue down 183. I don’t know if I could have kept it together forced to view the domain combined with Mopac’s traffic (my goodness!).

Nevertheless, good news would soon follow as we merged onto Mopac and my eyes spotted a phrase on the side of another U-Haul looking truck: JustRightLawns.com.

This is certainly a brandable domain and one that I like, seeing how the lawn service industry is quite competitive with its barrier of entry nothing more than a lawn mower and gas can at the lowest end of the totem pole.

In my opinion, JustRightLawns.com rolls off the tongue well while passing the radio test.

About the only negative thing I encountered was them not owning JustRightLawn.com, the singular version of their plural .com.

If you have a company that uses a plural .com, please purchase the singular to (even if it doesn’t make sense) protect and defend your company’s brand.

Well, we finally made our way through Mopac traffic to arrive at Mozart’s Coffee Roasters shortly before dusk. And what a pleasant experience it was to be met with Christmas lights galore!

Although I would have liked to experience Mozart’s Christmas Lights the night it snowed, the weather was so perfect. It wasn’t too cold or warm as we overlooked Lake Austin.

As we found a table and waited for the show to get underway, I ventured off to indulge myself with a chai tea latte and a piece of Mozart’s pecan pie (DELICIOUS!).

As I waited for my snacks, my eye caught a Christmas-related domain: AllAboutTexasChristmasLights.com.

In my opinion, the domain is a bit long, but I discovered there were not many other options, seeing TexasChristmasLights.com and TxChristmasLights.com were both registered. About the only other option I could think of at the moment that happened to be available was TexasChristmasLightsContest.com.

What I would come to discover once I got home was that Mozart’s and the Hula Hut (next door) sponsored a Photo Contest with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes, and 15 “Standouts”.

In short, you could visit the website and submit your most memorable photo with Christmas lights in it by December 20th (midnight).

And of course, no contest is without rules. You MUST ADHERE to the following to be qualified for prizes:

  • Photo must be taken during the 2017 holiday season.
  • Photo must have Christmas lights in it.
  • Photo must be take somewhere in Texas.

That’s basically 19 chances to win, which could be considered decent odds when compared to the traditional 3-prize winner contest.

My latte and pie finally surfaced, and I made my way back to our table to enjoy listening to Christmas classics while watching the lights blink and dance over the course of an hour.

What my wife and I enjoyed the most was watching our kiddos come to life as songs and lights came to life as well, especially when a lit outline of Bevo and Texas’ fight song was dawned.

No matter what age, young, old or in between, Mozart’s Christmas Lights brings out the child in everyone.

I didn’t record the entire hour experience, but below is the show getting underway and a small glimpse of what you can expect to experience.

I highly recommend it should you want to get out for a date night with your spouse or simply want to enjoy a good night of family fun.

Well, I’m signing off, but I’ll be back with more stories soon enough. Stay tuned!

Alvin Brown
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