How one company captures the local medical transportation market one ride at a time

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Today’s post is one of those being the right person, in the right place, and at the right time type of situations.

It all started when our boys experienced frequent back to back illnesses. When you have 2 little boys at age 3 and under, its likely that you’ll always a few sicknesses and illnesses.

In our case, with our boys regularly attending BSF and a mother’s day out program weekly, and then our church, for roughly 6 months, they were sick with croup, strep and ear infections.

It got to a point that we would get one healed, and the other would become ill in hours. We’re not talking weeks, we’re talking months, to the tune of 6 months to be exact.

Nevertheless, our pediatrician referred us to the Great Hills ENT located off Jollyville in Austin, not too far from

After a series of tests, we decided to pray and wait for our oldest to get tubes put in. As for our youngest, our concerns we’re really heightened due to the him being at the stage of early word and pronunciation development.

All this news in a short period of time was somewhat a stressful, to say the least. Trust me, you never want to hear a negative report that includes your child’s hearing and speech development.

But let me assure you, that we prayed and fasted over the next month, and by the grace of God, our boys were healed as if nothing ever impacted them and their hearing. In fact, they are quite the chatter boxes with a wide range of vocab growing daily.

But what does this story have to do with domain names, you ask, right?

As we were leaving the last appointment, imagine how surprised I was to step back, after securing boy number one in his car, and see a van with a domain broadly advertised on it.

Round Rock-based Medical Transport Company

What made it sweeter was that the domain and the company DID NOT match.

I can’t tell you how many conversations I have with businesses that refuse to budge from their branded company name domain.

In fact, it’s not until the business has gone belly up that most come back to me expecting a miracle to be performed much like Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead.

For those businesses that do listen and choose to change their domain from their company name, then they quickly understand and capture more than their fair share of business with a flawed diamond instead of a perfect brick.

And for those businesses that don’t and continue to do business as they had before, well, they die on the vine holding their perfect brick and all the debt that comes with it. But I digress.

Although my eyes are peeled for good domain usage by businesses via billboards, buildings and vehicle wraps, I stood somewhat shocked that this story rolled right up to me, practically begging me to snap a picture.

When it makes sense to use a keyword domain versus company branded domain…

As you can see in the picture above, the company’s name is BTW Medical Transportation, LLC and they happily use as their company’s domain name and digital presence.

If you’re keep character count, then that’s 25 character domain versus a 24 character company name. If you add LLC to the company name, then the total character count is 27.

Personally, I would red flag this domain because it’s more than 20 characters. However, the keyword “Medical Transport”, also referred to as “Patient Transport”, is a term that is broadly used for non-emergency medical transportation.

Now, you might be thinking, why not just use a taxi, Uber, Lyft or some other public service or transportation method?

Well, while taxi’s are still around in Austin, Uber and Lyft have jettisoned Austin like little children taking their marbles and going home after not getting their way. I say no more on this.

Nevertheless, a person without medical needs could choose to travel using alternative services. However, a person bound by wheelchair or other mobility challenges are in need of specialized medical transportation of the highest quality.

This is where companies like BTW Medical Transportation, LLC step in and provide medical transportation at the highest quality.

What I found when searching the web…

Of course, as I do with all my stories, I open a web browser and commence to search high and low, attempting a multitude of searches across a wide array of keywords.

Search ranking wise, RoundRockMedicalTransport ranks on page one of Google for the following terms:

  • medical transport round rock (vice versa)
  • medical transport austin (vice versa)
  • non-emergency ambulance transport round rock (vice versa)

What I found when searching for domains…

In addition to search ranking, I also perform domain searches as this too tends to tell the story of how competitive a market is for certain keywords.

When encountering geo service domains like, one of the first domain searches I perform is removing the geo from the domain. I did just that, and here are the results I found for a few keyword domain searches:

From there, I narrowed the focus to be regional and then back to city level within the fine country state of Texas. 😀

Surprising, when I ran a couple of searches for various Texas cities and Texas itself, here’s what I found:

This list of domains is amazing for a couple of reasons.

One reason is that there are more than 10 companies in the greater Austin area that provide medical transport services.

I wonder what domain they are using (we know not any of the ones listed above), and how much they spend monthly in marketing and advertising their companies?

Due to population size, there are likely hundreds of persons with medical challenges in need of their service, yet are unable to find and connect with the companies. Some are literally typing in the domains or keywords into web browsers.

That stated, I’m very surprised to see that is not registered or in use like

There are more than enough non-emergency and medical transport companies present in Dallas to stake their claim on such a lucrative geo service domain.

In addition, you can also see that is available. If I were, then I would definitely scoop up this domain for pennies on the dollar of the overall revenue it’ll generate when used correctly used.

This domain could easily become a developed satellite website in addition to the primary website, or, as could other available domains listed above, could simply be directed and measured for referral traffic sent to

Right now, the market is wide open. Whoever ends up with, as well as other domains, could EASILY shut the door on their competition while reducing, if not eliminating, their marketing and advertising spend.

Can you say the same for your company, it’s domain and competitive advantage?

Well, that’s the news report today. Again, I don’t make the news, I simply report it. 🙂 I hope you find these stories to be insightful both personally and professionally.

I know not all are an apple-to-apple comparison, but most, if not all, stories should give you enough ideas to go out and try a few searches for your own company.

I hope your able to profit from the internet marketing and domain name strategy advice I share with you and others as a method to help you capture greater customer growth and revenue for your business.

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