Recruiters are Stepping Up their .Careers Game

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I’m always amazed by the variety of domains encountered on a daily basis as I live out life in Austin, and various travels throughout the world.

Encountering quite a few domains across a wide range of extensions in the physical world, I’m often more amazed to see companies legitimately using new domain extensions in the virtual world, especially when using email.

It’s been long thought that a majority of new domain extensions would crash and burn, or never see the day of light.

And for the most part, only a handful of new domain extensions are thriving and leaving their mark on both the physical and virtual world.

Speaking of virtual world, I was surprised by an email I received from a recruiter questioning whether I would be interested in an opportunity based on an outdated resume from years ago.

I often scan such emails and discard them without response. Nevertheless, this email caught my eye because of the email address it used in the email signature.

I had to blink two and rub my eyes to ensure I wasn’t seeing things, rather encountering a typo. Sure enough, the person, rather automated messaging system, used an email address that uses the .careers domain extension.

Although I’ve encountered and continue to encounter companies using new domain extensions to promote and advertise their brand, services, and products, this is the first time to encounter a .careers domain.

Of course, I visited www.Symmetry.Careers to find a well-developed and responsive website for Symmetry Financial Group, a financial services group offering a broad range of insurance, disability, and retirement services.

Based on their website, they appear to be based in Arkansas, which I would consider to be a or the most tech-forward thinking city in the US.

In addition, Symmetry Financial Group is listed as Inc One of America’s Fastest Growing Companies, per Inc. Magazine.

Not only does Symmetry Financial Group use a .careers domain name for their website and recruiting emails, but they also list and use a .life email address (see below).

Based on their Inc. Magazine inclusion and seeing their LinkedIn profile boasting a company size of 1,001-5,000 employees, its impressive to see a company of their size using a new domain extension.

Of course, I check to see if Symmetry Financial Group owned and

The former appears to be owned and developed by another company while the latter forwards to

Although not an exhaustive domain list, I discovered Symmetry Financial Group owns and uses the following domains in addition to aforementioned domains:


It’s interesting to me to encounter a company with an actively used and growing domain portfolio to support and enhance their company brand.

It’s more intriguing to see their brand expand beyond the traditional scope of the .com extension and include .biz, .life and .careers domain extensions.

Lastly, it’s encouraging to encounter an long-standing, massive industry at the forefront of web technology embracing the use of non .com domains.

We’ll have to keep attentive eyes and ears as time progresses to see if more or less companies , and internal departments make the leap to promoting their brand using new domain extensions.

Do you think human resources and recruiting industries using the .careers extension will greatly impact a company? If so, how?

Alvin Brown
Alvin is a serial entrepreneur and digital strategist with an avid love for domain name consulting. As the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of, his assignment is to ensure business and personal brands don't suffer the consequences of common domain name pitfalls.

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