Showing Austin Businesses “ATX Love”

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Since I first experienced Austin almost 20 years ago via Texas Relays Weekend, Austin has transformed from a sleepy-hollow, college boomtown all about music and University of Texas Sports to a sprawling metropolis of weird, music, sports and tech.

While there are many things that could be represent Austin, one of the things I truly love about Austin is its plethora of local businesses throughout the city.

From food trucks to holes in the wall eateries, one doesn’t have to go far in Austin to get a true taste of Austin.

In fact, while eating at ThunderCloud Subs — local Austin sub sandwich shop founded in 1975, I stumbled upon a vibrant poster touting ATX’s love for brisket, lean brisket at that! 😉

ATX Loves - Local Austin-based Eateries

Quite puzzled by the poster and not understanding whether it was an Austin-based BBQ business promoting it, I’ve come to learn actively promotes and explores all local Austin has to offer.

But before crying out about the existence of Google Reviews, Yelp, and similar services, and there not being a need for, the one thing that sets apart from the aforementioned services is is and has a local Austin feel.

From the interface and experience, this list of carefully curated lists of eateries created and managed by an Austin-based public relations and marketing company, lookthinkmake, LLC.

In addition to eatery listings, boasts well-written features by local foodies highlighting the one-of-a-kind experiences Austin has too offer — categorized by Browsing by Best of Lists, Neighborhood, and Category.

As for the domain, I personally love the use of because of,, and being registered and not developed. is following a critical branding and naming convention that has come to light for many new and existing businesses based in Austin: the use of “ATX” instead of “Austin”, “AustinTexas”, and “AustinTX”.

The use of “ATX” has given locally-based Austin businesses a method for uniquely branding themselves that works great for search marketing as well as differentiating amongst the many businesses using “Austin”, “Austex”, and other variations to brand their respective companies.

Nevertheless, let be an example for how to brand and develop a hyperlocal website using a geo-centric or geo abbreviated domain name.

In closing, Keep Austin Weird showing much love to its local eateries. Thanks and thanks all for now!

Alvin Brown
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