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A few months ago, our good friend that competed in Austin’s CapTex Triathlon recently competed in the 2017 USAT Aquathlon National Championship, hosted by Pure Austin Fitness at Pure Austin Quarry Lake.

In general, triathlons are a new experience and a whole new world for me to understand.

More so, having a triathlon athlete living with us has opened my and my family’s minds and lives to the importance of healthy living.

It’s not like we didn’t know prior, but actively living life with our “oldest daughter” has brought about a good and positive change in the House of Brown.

Nevertheless, I hadn’t heard of the USAT Aquathlon National Championship, but learned that it’s simply an early morning Splash ’n Dash. 🙂

Consisting of a 3K run, 1K swim, and 3K run, some registrants race for fun while others are racing for a spot on Team USA, representing USA Triathlon at the Aquathlon World Championships in 2018!

Little did I realize, our oldest daughter was racing for a spot, and competed well enough to land that desired spot.

Lord willing, we’ll travel to Denmark to represent USA Triathlon at the Aquathlon World Championships in 2018!

And in addition to that exciting news, I was quite pumped to encounter a few companies displaying their branded domains.

Although I had heard of the Austin-based Bicycle Sport Shop, I didn’t realize it has a location only minutes away from Pure Austin Quarry Lake.

Nevertheless, I was intrigued by their domain name selection:

In my opinion, their domain brands well as generic keyword domain that states exactly what you’ll find when visiting their website.

Seeing the Bicycle Sport Shop is local to Austin, I wondered if there were any geo service domains available that the Bicycle Sport Shop could use or competition could stake a claim.

Here’s what I found to be available for hand registration at the time of this writing:

The next company I stumbled upon uses a FART method allowing triathletes to be in tip-top racing shape.

And no, they are sitting around farting (sorry, couldn’t help it due to sign – see image below), although releasing and passing a gas does do a body good. But I digress.

The company I speak of is no other than John Tuggle’s It’s always interesting to encounter companies that prepend the word “The” to their chosen domain.

In this case, using as a digital presence makes sense due to and domains being registered and not resolving to competitive websites or businesses.

However, is registered, yet available to be purchased at what I consider to be an affordable $2,395.

In my opinion, I think it’s always best to protect your brand through defensively registered domains, which I consider to be a defensive registration as well as a great candidate for an upgrade domain.

So John or his staff, if you’re reading this, I highly recommend securing and John’s personal name (as all business owners should),, to use as redirect domains.

Finally, encountering, a brandable domain, made me realize I was hungry for Rudy’s breakfast tacos before the start gun was fired.

Tough Cookies has nothing to do with actual cookies, yet has everything to do with empowering women by helping them achieve their fitness goals from walking their first 5K to becoming competitive triathletes, long distance runners and cyclists.

There are many ways for, and other companies using brandable domains, to make good use of domains and expand their domain portfolio.

For instance, using the Tough Cookies’ Mission statement to seed a simple keyword domain search, I found,, and are all available for hand-registration purchase (at the time of this writing).

That’s just the beginning! There’s a multitude of many more keyword and geo service domain combinations likely available for hand registration purchase.

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