Teaching Kids The Power of Entrepreneurship ?

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Happy Cinco De Mayo to you this early Saturday morning! ?

I can tell by how bright the sun shines that it won’t be long before the summer heat begins to scorch the greater Austin metro area for days on end.

So much so that it’ll leave many folks wishing for a cold beverage to wet the whistle and cool down a bit.

Today is likely to be a precursor for what’s to come this summer.

And with Cinco De Mayo festivities getting underway here in Austin, there is also another event kicking off today aimed at teaching kids K-5 how to start, own, and operate their very own business.

Remember that cold beverage on a hot summer day most neighborhood kids have likely attempted to peddle as a business idea? 

That’s right! Austin and a number of cities throughout the nation are providing youth with the opportunity to experience entrepreneurship by setting up their business during their city’s community-wide Lemonade Day.

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Encountering Austin’s Lemonade Day flier while eating at Rudy’s, I was impressed to discover the LemonadeDay.org domain and the city name of Austin used as a sub-directory to promote the event.

Be The Boss! Austin's Lemonade Day

And although LemonadeDay.com is registered and not resolving to a website, LemonadeDay.net is available for registration at the time of this publication.

But of course, my mind started wondering about Lemonade.com and it’s use. And upon performing a quick search, I discovered Lemonade Insurance Agency, LLC has branded Lemonade.com as its digital presence to offer rent and home Insurance for urban dwellers.

An intriguing use and branding of a domain name, especially when considering the saying of “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade” juxtapose with the common knowledge of insurance is compensation for a loss, damage, illness or death.

It could also be perceived or containing negative connotation when thinking about Lemon Law and all the baggage it carries and expresses.

In addition to Lemonade.com, the search revealed 3 additional companies using the keyword “Lemonade” as a part of their domain:

  • LemonadeStand.org – Full-Service Online Marketing
  • Lemonstand.com – Cloud eCommerce Software
  • ABetterLemonadeStand.com – Online eCommerce Incubator

It was seeing Lemonstand.com that I remembered stumbling across it years ago before it became the cloud ecommerce software provider it is today.

Unfortunately, I was attempting to find it via web browser typing in LemonadeStand.com instead of Lemonstand.com. I quickly discovered LemonadeStand.com doesn’t resolve to a website although it is registered.

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Nevertheless, I ‘m a fan of the LemonadeDay.org brand. I believe they’re really capitalizing upon a favorite childhood business idea to foster and promote real growth in the next generation of entrepreneurs today.

I encourage you to visit LemonadeDay.org to discover and support what opportunities you city is offering and when.

Cheers and that’s all for now! ??

Alvin Brown
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