Texas Roller Derby Reppin’ a 4-L .COM

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While grabbing gas and a quick lunch from Rudy’s today, I reminded how I’ve aged when encountering a Texas Roller Derby ad displayed on Rudy’s Bulletin Board.

Seeing the ad brought back memories of watching late 80’s to early 90’s television show RollerGames, and video game to boot.

I couldn’t help but smile thinking of some of the memorable episodes, although a highly theatrical version of the sport of roller derby that feature a number of skaters introduced via Roller Games League.

More importantly, I couldn’t believe that it’s been nearly 30 years since the show debut. And more interesting, is that roller derby as a sport is not only still around, but thriving and doing well throughout the world. In fact, we female friends who are die-hard rollers each and every weekend.

Nevertheless, I was quite surprise to discover Texas Roller Derby branding and rocking’ a very fitting 4-Letter .COM domain: TXRD.com. I was impressed with how Texas Roller Derby’s logo branding adds to ease and memorability of the TXRD.com domain.

I don’t discover too many companies using 4-L .com domains to represent their digital presence. After all, there aren’t many combinations that make sense when speaking of companies.

Then there is also the fact that most 4-L .com domains have been long registered by domain investors, especially in the last 3 years due to Chinese domain investor rush.

And speaking of registered domains, I was somewhat saddened or a bit let down to be more exact when discovering TexasRollerDerby.com to be registered and resolving to what looks to be an Efty page.

Sure would have made for a better ending had Texas Roller Derby owned the matching .com. Oh well… ?

In closing, well wishes to the Holy Rollers as they square off against Putas Del Fuego this weekend. ?

That’s all for now!

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