Thank Goodness Tiff’s Treats Delivers With Memorable Domain

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Well, we’re 3 weeks into having our baby girl grace us with her presence. She’s doing quite well, even sleeping 4-hour blocks at a time.

We’re so blessed to have her as a part of our family.

In between the meals, flowers and well wishes, there have been quite a few treats that arrived. One of the most recent sweet treats has prompted this post due to the domain on its packaging.

If you live in Austin, then you’re likely familiar with a warm box of Tiff’s Treats.

Packaged in a nice white box with blue lettering, logo and domain, there was advertised on the box, receipt and card from our friend congratulating us about the birth and arrival of our daughter.

Started in 1999, two University of Texas started Tiffany’s Treats with $20, cell phone and ice cream after Tiffany stood up her future husband on their first date, sending him a homemade cookies as an apology and soon later a business in tow.

Later shortened to Tiff’s Treats, the business expanded from UT’s popular Drag to stores in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Atlanta and multiple locations throughout Austin.

Tiff's Treats Cookie Delivery

If you have never been fortunate enough for someone to send you a box or be near someone that received a box, then you might just want to check out what all the cookie craze is about.

It’s more than cookies too. Tiff’s Treats offers brownies, ice cream and their own branded products too such as Tiffblits and Tiffwhich.

Literally, an order is placed and a box of warm cookies right out of the oven is delivered to your door within 20 minutes — STILL WARM and GOOEY!

This day the occasion was celebrating the arrival of our baby girl arriving. Our friend sent us a box of chocolate chip and M&M cookies. What a surprise to our bellies.

As long as I’ve known about Tiff’s Treats, the one thing that never caught my eye until recently was the fact that Tiff’s Treats uses as their primary web presence. But don’t think that they don’t own or use, because they do.

Although the company name is different from their chosen domain name,, I think this is a match made in heaven. Some might argue that the domain is limited to strictly cookies, and I would agree.

But when cookies are your main line of business, then it’s not necessarily limiting to base your digital presence using

In fact, I wondered if there were other domains available in the same vein of warm sweets and treats. Here’s what I found:

Out of 16 domains, 4 domains were available at the time of registration research. Some of the listed domains lend themselves to an expanded brand without limitation whereas other domains limit and focus on a single product such as Pies, Cakes, Brownies and Ice Cream.

Out of the available domains above, all four could be used to develop websites or simply used as redirection domains, pointing and driving type-in traffic to a primary domain.

Nevertheless, knowing that both and are used, I’m of the opinion that is a memorable, easy-to-understand and descriptive domain name to build a company and web presence.

They’ve selected not only a good domain name, but they’ve also done well with signage, packaging and marketing collateral in general.

I can’t wait for you to send me my next box, right? 😀

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