Town and Country Soccer Scores with Kwik Goal! ⚽

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Summer has come to an end here in Austin although the weather keeps attempting to inch its way up beyond 90 degrees.

And with Summer coming to an end, my household has embarked upon what is to become many years of practices and games as our oldest son ventures into soccer this year.

He’s in Town and Country Soccer’s U6 league, which I’m assume means 6 and under, and simply learning to play soccer as a team sport less being ultra-competitive (saving that for when he goes to U7).

He initially did a year or so of Soccer Cubs’ soccer fundamentals, helping him gain solid motor skills for dribbling, agility, and shooting, which was when he scored his first goal.

If you’ve never been to a soccer game to watch 4-6 year olds, then you’re missing out on good comedy. They often look like a swarm of bees when chasing the ball (view in the video below).

And although the field is quite a bit smaller than regulation, having scaled down versions of white boundary markings for field of play and goal, the mini soccer pros quite often play well beyond those markings. ?

It takes a collective village of parents yelling and manning key areas of the field to help corral the swarm of mini pros when a ball looks to be heading well beyond the field of play.

It was at this moment that I stood behind the goal with a broken net, attempting to keep the ball from venturing off to far on a score, that I noticed a domain name on what I learned to be an anchor bag:

T&C Soccer Kwik Goal Anchor Bag Anchor Bag

I thought it to be a clever brandable domain name although “kwik” doesn’t pass the radio test. If were to hear a radio ad, then I would likely think that the ad was referencing the correct spelling of the word quick.

And if you’re wondering, and, yet having “quik” as a another cutesy way of spelling quick, are registered and pointed to parked pages with soccer apparel ad links showing.

I personally like the brand of Kwik Goal, yet prefer companies that have a non-traditional spelling of a word within a domain to also own and redirect the traditional spelling of the domain.

In fact, the “kwik” and “quik” branding is used across a quite a few industries by a large pool of companies big, small and in between.

Some of the most notable are convenient stores, dry cleaning, oil change, footwear, car wash, and transportation companies to name a few.

Too, I’ve encountered a few educational services and products that use the “kwik” branding although I would consider a oxymoron to do such a thing, especially if it is focused on reading, writing and spelling.

It appears to be that is a very recognized brand throughout the world seeing they have decent SEO rankings for broad keywords.

However, that’s not the case when searching and using local terms such as city names, neighborhoods or landmarks.

But for their size, they represent themselves well with a ranked responsive-friendly ecommerce website.

Should Kwik Goal consider investing in generic keyword domains?

Of course, you know my answer is always a definitive “YES” to having companies investing in generic keyword domains, also known as exact match domains, category-defining or category-killer domain names.

It never hurts a company to use a generic keyword domain to represent their brand even though the word on the street is that Google has lessen the weight of such domains when considering their overall search ranking ability.

However, if your company only invests in a branded domain without investing in generic keywords, then get ready to break the bank towards establishing your chosen branded domain in the minds of your target audience.

For this reason, I thought it was interesting that the following sample set of domains were available at the time of this writing to be registered at hand-reg fee:

And you may be thinking, but “why would I want to make such an invest in owning additional domain names outside my primary address?”

In short, if you don’t own the domains, then your competition will! Read the previous link and let it sink in for a moment…

Exactly, it’s worth your investment to own and even redirect traffic from generic keyword domains to your primary website, should you not use the generic keyword domain as your primary web presence.

In closing, our U6 team didn’t fair too well in their game as they were more interested in scoring goals into the competitors goal than their own. 😀

But the good news is that we got things turned around in the next game, scoring and outscoring the competition quite “kwikly” for the win. 😉

We’ll see how things turn out in weeks to come. Too, I’ll be sharing a few more domains I encountered while at the soccer fields.

But I’ll save that for another day. Until next time, see you around.

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