A venti a day keeps the dentist away, right?

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It’s been a while since I last posted, but I’ve certainly seen some good, bad, and ugly uses of domains to advertise a wide variety of businesses.

It’s a shame to encounter businesses that use a domain that doesn’t pass the radio test while there are domains available at hand registration cost comparable to venti chai tea latte from Starbucks.

Speaking of Starbucks, my office away from my office, a few weeks ago I was tending to a business call while outside on the patio.

It was a great day. As always, I tend to people watch in between tasks or as I engage a customer call.

This very day, I happened to be gazing around when I saw a white SUV pull in. What caught my eye about the SUV was that it had a domain name plastered across the front and back doors of both sides as well as the back of it.

To my surprise, it was a geo service domain and the domain used by the business was CedarParkBraces.com.

Talking about a decent domain name to use when orthodontics can be quite challenging to say and spell. Say and spell it 5 times without pausing. Uh yeah, see what I mean?

Nevertheless, this was one good vehicle wrap job because it was simple and easy to understand exactly what the business offers.

Although the phone number was on the front quarter panel of each sides, CedarParkBraces.com is easy to say and remember.

Of course, I didn’t hesitate to crack open a web browser to execute a bulk domain search for other geo service domains using dentist, dentists, and dental. Here’s what I found for surrounding cities (* denotes domain available for hand registration when published):

  • roundrockbraces.com
  • jarrellbraces.com*
  • lakewaybraces.com
  • georgetownbraces.com
  • pflugervillebraces.com
  • austinbraces.com
  • kylebraces.com
  • budabraces.com*
  • sanmarcosbraces.com
  • sanantoniobraces.com
  • roundrockdentist.com
  • jarrelldentist.com
  • lakewaydentist.com
  • georgetowndentist.com
  • pflugervilledentist.com
  • austindentist.com
  • kyledentist.com
  • budadentist.com
  • sanmarcosdentist.com
  • sanantoniodentist.com
  • roundrockdental.com
  • jarrelldental.com
  • lakewaydental.com
  • georgetowndental.com
  • pflugervilledental.com
  • austindental.com
  • kyledental.com
  • budadental.com
  • sanmarcosdental.com
  • sanantoniodental.com
  • roundrockdentists.com
  • jarrelldentists.com*
  • lakewaydentists.com*
  • georgetowndentists.com
  • pflugervilledentists.com
  • austindentists.com
  • kyledentists.com*
  • budadentists.com*
  • sanmarcosdentists.com
  • sanantoniodentists.com

If you’re reading this and in the greater Austin metro and you’re a dentist, I suggest snagging the domains and developing a web presence or simply forward each to your web presence.

Even if you’re not in the dental industry, I strongly encourage you to search for geo service domains within your given industry. You’d be surprised at how many domains are diamonds in the rough available at hand registration cost.

Also, another way to view the value of geo service domains is to think about the opportunity cost to your business should these domains end up in your competitors hands. Either you own the domains or your competition does. Which is more expensive to your business in the long run?

Alvin Brown
Alvin is a serial entrepreneur and digital strategist with an avid love for domain name consulting. As the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of DNAdverts.com, his assignment is to ensure business and personal brands don't suffer the consequences of common domain name pitfalls.

As a domain investor and business consultant, Alvin actively participates in daily domain auctions. Outside of auctions, he passionately shares his views, opinions, and vision for how businesses should and should not use domain names to generate greater customer growth and revenue.