All I Want for Christmas is a .Com…

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Indeed, “Christmas time is here…Happiness and cheer[.]” It’s certainly fun for all that children their favorite time of the year.

Christmas is one of the House of Brown’s most favorite holidays to experience collectively.

And just like the peanuts gang sings yearly, we’ve had snowflakes in the Austin air. We’ve sang carols everywhere while keeping to olden times and ancient rhymes of love and dreams too share.

We’ve taken trips to nativity scenes and Christmas light shows as well as enjoy our kiddos participating in their school programs.

And although our baby girl hasn’t reached the age to attend pre-school, our boys have been attending the O’Chester Learning Center for the last 2-3 years at Austin-based Great Hills Baptist Church.

For this years Christmas Program, our oldest son played the character of Joseph and what a fine job he did standing there with no lines to recite. ?

Our youngest son’s performance consisted of him turning his back (see video below with him on far left) to the crowd and refusing to sing. ? What a star performance he put on. A natural he is… ?

Although our son didn’t ring his sleigh bells in the air long, I can’t deny all the beauty on the stage and everywhere throughout their program.

There wasn’t much of yuletide by the ole fireside, yet we all enjoyed our babies giving us joyful memories to recollect.

Another thing I noted about the Christmas program was the beautiful Christmas selections played by Harpist Kristen Gibbs.

She’s the very reason I gave this article the title it has because as I left the Christmas program to finish up a days work, I encountered Kristen’s vehicle prominently displaying a .com geo service domain:

Talk about a solid domain to realize Austin-metro business. The only way I see topping this domain is to have registered one of the following:

She likely not only books lessons and holiday events, but I’m certain she likely also books weddings too using this easy-to-remember domain name.

Nevertheless, as I continued to walk I encountered the following .net, .org, and .com domains:

I like the creativity of as a domain even though it fails the radio test.

It’s still a decent and easy to remember brandable .com domain to represent a business’ digital presence.

Christmas time is drawing near in the next few days, and I hope you and yours share in the spirit and always see its important throughout the year. 😉

That’s all for now! Be blessed and I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! ?

Alvin Brown
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