Western Day, Pony Rides, and Domains

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It’s hard to believe our oldest son will begin school this upcoming year.

Five years has flown by and many memories have been made, especially with the addition of his 3 year-old brother and 1 year-old sister.

With time flying by, I’m taking advantage of every opportunity to cherish, enjoy, and relish in the their moments.

Before long, they’ll all have graduated and striking out into the world to make a sizable and lasting societal contribution, fulling God’s purpose for their lives.

But this day, the current objective at hand for both boys were Western Day Pony Rides.

As I headed over to Great Hills Baptist Church in North Austin — the boys attend the O’Chester Learning Center, much like preschool — I couldn’t help but to admire a few domains I saw along the way.

One of the first domains I discovered just about to make entry onto HWY 183 was a billboard boasting savings of up to 25% home insurance in less than 60 seconds for Hippo Home Insurance.

In addition, right underneath the text (as shown in image) was the following domain: myhippo.com.

Personally, I would opt for camel case — MyHippo.com instead — when advertising domains via billboards.

Of course, I wondered if Hippo.com was registered by the same company or another party. Hippo.com appears to be registered by another party and resolves to a Uniregistry parking page.

Even without owning Hippo.com, I believe MyHippo.com is a good domain to branding, seeing that Elephant.com is branded as a Auto Insurance Company.

Nevertheless, as I was just about to leave the parking lot of the MyHippo.com billboard on my way to the church, I inadvertently discovered a sign company branding a local geo service domain: SignDepotATX.com.

I didn’t plan discovering SignDepotATX.com, but impressed with how they’re signage and presentation of their company name.

Because Austin is growing leaps and bounds annually, many companies have opted to use the “ATX” domain abbreviation when branding their locally-focused and -based companies.

However, what surprised me the most about this domain spotting is that the following domains were available at the time of this writing:

I strongly encourage businesses to defensively register domain variations and abbreviations when registering your primary domain.

The last thing anyone wants to deal with is a competitor or near competitor brand confusion, especially when involving local businesses and brands.

I didn’t have time for a proper introduction and education, as I only had minutes to get to the school to enjoy the boys and their pony rides.

As I was nearing their school, I encountered another domain at a red light. And because this domain too decided not to use camel case, I struggle a bit to make out the 3-word domain: LifeCoachHope.com.

When advertising domains on vehicles, it’s imperative to make the domain legible and easy-to-read while the vehicle is in motion.

I assume the person responsible for the website is named Hope — found out HopeTackaberry.com when visiting domain, or her life coaching brings one hope to live a successful and prosperous life.

Nevertheless, camel base that bad boy and also register/purchase HopeLifeCoach.com too! ?

Well, I finally made it to Great Hills just in time for my youngest son’s class to ride ponies.

He’s not much of a picture guy, but put him on a pony and he smile as wide as Texas. ?


In between waiting for classes I spotted good domain placement of Great Hills’ 4-L .org domain: ghbc.org.

But it wasn’t long before it was the turn of our oldest son’s class to ride ponies.

A bit more of a rascal than his brother, he doesn’t mind being the center of attention while taking pictures.

Our little cowboys and their classmates had the time of their lives riding around the parking as mini cowboys and cowgirls. Even a few of the teachers rode available horses.

All in all, Western Day and pony rides was a great success. And to top things off, I encountered a 3-word brandable domain used by an irrigation company as I turned into my office parking lot.

Of course, I inquired about the following domains once I was back in front of a web browser:

  • SmartEarth.com – registered and resolves to a blank page.
  • SmartSprinklers – registered and resolves to an affiliate website for sprinkler and irrigation products, services, and content
  • EarthSprinklers.com – registered and resolves to HugeDomains.com page with a $2795 price tag.

I guess I see why they had to go with SmartEarthSprinklers.com after all. I recommend purchasing EarthSprinklers.com — yup, brand protection or maybe even an upgrade to redirect SmartEarthSprinklers.com too.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the latest domains discovered as well as my little cowboys. That’s all for now!

Alvin Brown
Alvin is a serial entrepreneur and digital strategist with an avid love for domain name consulting. As the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of DNAdverts.com, his assignment is to ensure business and personal brands don't suffer the consequences of common domain name pitfalls.

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